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Good vibes only🖤💤🌟
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Good vibes only🖤💤🌟
Joined 27 August 2018
Ishika Agarwal 1 AUG AT 12:11

And they broke up.
Being strangers,


Ishika Agarwal 30 JUL AT 21:20

I miss those days when,
Uniforms were dirty,
not intentions.
We got hurted,
not our hearts.
We played with each other,
not with our emotions.


Ishika Agarwal 26 JUL AT 12:05

Just because of our bond,
We are as beautiful
And as strong
As Diamond.


Ishika Agarwal 24 JUL AT 13:06

I give permission
To my heart.

Nothing can possess me
I give liberty
To my brain.


Ishika Agarwal 22 JUL AT 21:51

Don't pose,
As if you're being captured.
Do act,
As if you're being recorded.


Ishika Agarwal 21 JUL AT 15:45

Life changes its weather.
Whether a beautiful spring
Or a healing autumn.


Ishika Agarwal 19 JUL AT 18:20

असली चोर तो वो है,
जो दिल को ताला मार के
चाबी भी चोरी कर ले गया।


Ishika Agarwal 18 JUL AT 20:46

Different stories of life.
Some are dark,
Some are bright,
Some are faded,
But their combination,
Couldn't be hated.


Ishika Agarwal 17 JUL AT 21:41

Us having dinner,
In moonlight.
I'm your listener,
You're my singer,
Making everything quite.
Your words are melodious,
Making everything auspicious.


Ishika Agarwal 17 JUL AT 17:42

आज इस आकाश में,

कई दिनों की बरसातों के बाद,
इन्द्रधनुष का रंग निखरा है।


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