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Isaacola Newnaija 21 JUL AT 1:35

He did it, she did it, they did it
All but my fault

He's to blamed
She's to be damned
They'd are doomed
But none of me

Lay flat over thinking it
Stayed bent ruminating it
Withdrawn into my shell
Churning bile damaging my inward
Stretching stressing pressing
The pain inward

I stay damn condemned un-consoled
Until I let go the crushing pain
Of a close betrayal
Letting the strain ooze
Like an intoxicating booze

I allowed the excruciating pain to fade
So my distinguishing gain can wade
Allowing the strain of pain to go
Not because He, She or they deserve it
But because I deserve inner serenity

Now I can shine
Because am fine
Time to dine and wine
Enough of whining...

I forgive
I live

- Poet Isaacola

Pain, forgiveness, inner peace

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