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A poet, husband and father. An active reader who sometimes scribbles.
Joined 18 July 2019

A poet, husband and father. An active reader who sometimes scribbles.
Joined 18 July 2019
Isaacola Newnaija 11 JUL AT 22:33


I wish to just be all alone
Lonely with my thoughts
Enwrapped with the cocoon
Of deep flowing wells
Guided and hemmed in
But most times
I don't get my wishes
As wishes ain't horses
Sometimes I just shake
My head in disbelief


Isaacola Newnaija 21 JUN AT 13:44

Fathers day

To all real, responsible, available and committed fathers
Happy fathers day


Isaacola Newnaija 8 JUN AT 2:35


I chose faith
I chose to believe
I chose active faith
Not passive rote
Without note of genuineness
Active and dynamic faith
I chose faith and believe


Isaacola Newnaija 2 JUN AT 1:46


Great things are accomplished when we learn to keep quiet and listen.

Grandiose things are achieved when humility overcome pride

New vistas are opened when the mind like an umbrella is opened

When we speak we say what we already know but when we listen' great things are gleaned in solitude


Isaacola Newnaija 2 JUN AT 1:34

We win

Ultimately we win
Humanity will triumph
Over the invisible bug
Bleeding out the economy
Strangling togetherness
Stifling status quo
But above all
We win, We triumph
Over it all


Isaacola Newnaija 14 MAY AT 11:29

That brings beautiful light at the end..


Isaacola Newnaija 11 MAY AT 11:26


Floating above the storms
Gliding atop the scar
Against all odd
Turning storm to strength
Feasting on stones
Thrown at me
To build edifice
Worthy of praise


Isaacola Newnaija 2 MAY AT 16:05

Love Portion

Swallowed the portion
With inspired expiration
The love poison
Eats up my entirety
With His love
Consuming my being
Now and drowsy
Satiated by His love



Isaacola Newnaija 2 MAY AT 15:57

Special one

In the grass he was still classy
Classically sassy without crass
Brazenly brassy
In games of fame
That will shame the
He stood staunchly


Isaacola Newnaija 13 APR AT 11:07

Bitter sweet
High low
Happy sadness
Faith fear
Success failure


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