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Insomniac 14 HOURS AGO

काश की कभी वो पूछे मुझेसे
याद आती है हमारी ..??
और मैं.. होले से कहूं


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Insomniac 14 HOURS AGO

डरते है तेरे बग़ैर कैसे गुजरेगी..!!
उम्र है आख़िर कोई शाम तो नही....!!!!
Memories Recalled


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Insomniac 15 HOURS AGO

तुम्हारी ज़िद बेमानी है दिल ने हार कब मानी है
कर ही लेगा वश में हमें, आदत इसकी पुरानी है


Collaborating with Reena Sharma

Insomniac 22 HOURS AGO

When you are in a relationship yes you will argue ,yes you will assume, yes you will cry, fight, have haters, and even people who try to break you up. Trust issues, jealousy, breakups & even makeups. Ex's calling saying they want you back! Boring conversations, heated arguments, and hurtful words being said that you don't even mean But no matter what, you gotta stick through it, regardless of what people think or say!!!! Because true love ain't easy, and easy love ain't true 💯


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Insomniac YESTERDAY AT 10:38

A real man will stay with you.

When things get hard, he‘s not gonna say "You know what? I'm done." and leave you so easily.

When things get difficult, he isn't gonna be like "You know what? I’m tired. It’s over" and throw everything away.

If a man really loves you, there's no such thing as you being "too complicated", “too clingy” or “too much”.

He’ll be patient with you. He will understand you. He will stay and figure things out.

Trust me, if a man really values you, losing you will never be an option for him.


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Insomniac YESTERDAY AT 3:10

little little


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Insomniac YESTERDAY AT 0:31

मैं डुबा तो समुन्दर को भी हैरत हुई,
अजीब शक़्स है, किसी को पुकारता ही नहीं


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Insomniac YESTERDAY AT 18:23

If she smokes that doesn't mean she's a bitch or a slut, she is either broken or badly sad inside. 💔🥀


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Insomniac 18 FEB AT 11:09

हुस्न के कसीदे तो गढ़ती रहेंगी महफिलें,,
झुर्रियां भी प्यारी लगें तो मान लेना इश्क़ है...!!!


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Insomniac 18 FEB AT 0:57

Love doesn't need to be perfect, It just needs to be true.


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