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Joined 19 January 2017
25 JAN 2018 AT 13:04

Creatures of dust
and lust
but not trust.


25 JAN 2018 AT 12:53

A peacock feather to sweep up the dust.
A stick to scratch out life wisdom in that dust.
We are just playing in the dust.


25 JAN 2018 AT 12:39

You can always tell
what's troubling a
person by how they
choose to trouble
the world. We become
the inner demons that
we're battling.


18 JAN 2018 AT 3:11

We all want to be legends and every person is one.

Some of us fill up
and pages.

And some of us are needed to explain what the others have done.


17 JAN 2018 AT 1:05

We were a summer love
taking turns to be a shadow to the other
as the sun blazed on, golden sunshine

The rains took us apart with
sneezes that threw us off course
and puddles blurring our outline

Now winter shows up in a sweater snug
that reminds me of our last hug
If I open my eyes, will I see my shadow this time?


16 JAN 2018 AT 2:33

You're in trouble
when you start believing
your own good press, yes.
But you're probably a woman if
you start believing your bad press.

What we girls need
is a little less guilt
and a tad more


12 JAN 2018 AT 12:21

Inside a photoframe,
I have captured a lie
Us smiling, together

I hope it speaks to you
with the same voice of a captor
As the sindoor that chains me to bed
When you invade me each night


11 JAN 2018 AT 0:45

The Monk journeys
into you and lights
your path when you
are too blinded by
light, to see yourself.
The Monk follows his
own path. Will you
continue walking?


11 JAN 2018 AT 0:13

Bury the past with reverence
Water with misty-eyed nostalgia
And watch as it flowers
into art, poetry and wisdom


4 JAN 2018 AT 13:51

Stand with a Nazi and you are a Nazi.

Support a rape joke and you add to the numbers that turn rape acceptance,
into rape culture.

You decide. Where do you count?
Even your silence matters.


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