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A drop of ink, may make a million think.
Joined 30 July 2018

A drop of ink, may make a million think.
Joined 30 July 2018
27 JAN AT 21:41

Out here on the road,
I'm unaware of what's to come,
Will it be gleeful or glum?

Now I'm walking into the unknown,
Left here to cross it all alone.
Makes me wonder why I'm doing so,
Maybe I'll just follow the flow.

For all, I know,
It could be bliss,
Something I wouldn't want to miss.
So maybe stopping isn't right,
This could be what gives me my flight.


9 MAY 2021 AT 22:25


29 SEP 2020 AT 20:12

I'd cry and my tears you'd wipe,
You'd hold me in an embrace, the protective type.
When we'd solve it all,
Because the problems were oh so small.

Take me back to the time,
When those little cheek pecks would make us blush,
Away from now when in silence we stay hush.

Take me back to the time,
When all answers you knew from my silence,
Away from now when you opted violence.
When love was all we needed and had,
Now I want to run back because only then I'll be free and glad.


14 AUG 2020 AT 1:39

As long as I'm writing,

I know I have an escape,
Each word has someone gape.
The ink that stains the sheet,
Shows the inner turmoil I beat.
Each word written calms my storm,
And makes me all fuzzy and warm.


10 MAY 2020 AT 21:02

When I see you my worries go scurry,
When I get hurt you come in a hurry.
You keep me secure,
For your love for me is pure.
Your warm embrace is all I crave,
And your kind words make me brave.
You scold me first,
Then help me in my worst.
You shower your love and sacrifice for me,
Only to see me fly and be free.
Thank you for everything you do,
How grateful I am, you have no clue.
Happy Mother's Day MOM!!


22 MAR 2020 AT 0:04

A forbidden love.

She felt something weird within her,
A lot of feelings in her heart had stir.
She was still figuring what it meant,
And she longed to smell that one particular scent.
Thoughts of the one were never outta her head,
Her mind replayed everything that was ever said.
It was too late till she figured it out,
She was in love,
From a mountain top she wanted to shout.
But her love was forbidden,
And that's why she always kept it hidden.
Still she found ways to listen to that voice again,
Just for an instance she had that smile regained.


1 MAR 2020 AT 10:54

The next time we meet,
I'll hug you tight,
I won't let you go even if I have to stop a flight.
I'll tell you everything new about me,
And together we'll enjoy the little things we'll see.

The next time we meet,
We'll warmly greet.
In a quaint café we'll eat.
I'll ask you stuff,
And won't depart in a form of hurt that's rough.
And I'll repeat the words I've said a lot,
I love you like a true devotee and God.


9 JAN 2020 AT 1:14

I'm doing my homework and I stop amid,
All I want is the work to be rid.
I begin again thinking I'll finish it up,
But it's taking the whole night and I need a coffee cup.
I'm tired and time is less,
Also can't afford to make a mess.
I guess all I can do is write it down,
Or have puffy eyes with a frown.
No more stopping again,
After all I'll prove that homework I REIGN.


17 DEC 2019 AT 16:23

Happy birthday dad!
I still remember how you called me your lad.
The way you held me in your arms,
And impressed people with your charms.
I miss that bright smile,
Which I haven't seen for quite a while.
I hope you're happy where ever you are,
But for me you're my guiding, shining star.
I've been longing for your embrace,
When I search for it, there's not a single trace.
I miss you way too much,
And your tingling soft touch.
You may not be near,
But in my heart you remain my dear.
On your birthday I tend to be sad,
But forever I love you dad❤️


6 DEC 2019 AT 15:51

I gave my all for you...
I gave my energy for you,
I gave away my heart for you,
I gave away my soul for you,
I gave away my all for you.

I was there when you needed someone,
I was there to have something in return.
Even a little gesture would've been amazing,
But you had me turn to chasing.

I was there to hold you when you fell,
I was there when on someone else you had to dwell.
I hoped to be recognised,
But I was only and only agonised.

I gave my all for you...
I gave my energy for you,
I gave away my heart for you,
I gave away my soul for you,
I gave away my all for you.


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