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Joined 20 January 2018
12 FEB AT 23:35

Sab Haasil hone hi wala tha,
Sapne, Wo vaade,
Ache-Bure sab Iraade...
Mera Aks jaise Aaina hone hi wala tha...

Sab Shikwe,
Sab Ruswaiyan...
Apno se bematlab ki wo ladaiyaan..
Sab jaise,
Khatam hone hi wali thi...

Aakhir, khud se ISHQ sa hone lga tha,
Door baitha koi apna,
Haath ko thamne laga tha...

Kambakht jaise,
Yeh Zindagi.. Zindagi hone wali thi...

Dharti fir THEHAR gayi...!!!!


12 FEB AT 23:26

Do Pal ke liye hi sahi,
Insan ne...
Insan Bankar...
Rabb ko aakhir Rabb to samjha...!!!

P.S.- Tremors felt in North India..!!!


23 DEC 2020 AT 1:27

Zamanat ke Daur mein,
Saza thodi Mehangi hai...

ISHQ mein Ibadat,
Ibadat mein Yaqeen...
Mukammal lafz ki chahat mein,
Raza thodi Mehangi hai...


Kabhi kabhi,
Bewajah bhi Fanna ho jana...

Daur-e-Zindagi mein,
“WAJAH” thodi Mehangi hai...!!!


15 NOV 2020 AT 10:20

Yeh Zindagi,
Diwali ki agli Subah ka,
Khalipan ho jaise...!!!!

Ke Dil ke armaan kabhi,
Lafzon ke Zaike se poore nahi hote...!!!!
Jo ho jaate har Armaan poore,
To kuch harf adhoore nahi hote...!!!!

Tere Bina...
Yeh Zindagi,
DIWALI ki agli subah ka,
Khalipan ho jaise...!!!!


25 OCT 2020 AT 23:18

“Artificial Fire”
“The Power Within”

We need a Reason,
To Burn the Evil..!!!

“Demon’s Mannequin”
“Monsters Clapping in front”

We need a Reason,
To Burn the Living Evil..!!!

P.S.- May “Truth wins over Evil”... Always..!!!!


8 OCT 2020 AT 16:20

These days (covid times), imagine seeing someone (stranger) with a MASK. After few days, you have an image of that person in your Mind. Then, one day, if you see that person without a MASK, beleive me... you wil get a shock coz 99% the image you made in your mind differs from reality. And that too with a great margin...!!!

Now, the point is... “This is the actual Phenomenon of LIFE...”

We all are wearing masks from years... And the best part is “Those Masks are still invisible”..!!!


27 SEP 2020 AT 16:37

You can Either LOVE,
Can Prove the LOVE....!!!!

P.S.- Don’t try both in one Lifetime...!!!!


16 AUG 2020 AT 10:25

“24 off 49 balls”
“65 off 23 balls”

Our Hopes were High,
When you stand there, on the Ground...!!!!

P.S.- “Mahi hai, sambhal lega”...!!!

India will surely Miss You Mahi...!!!!


26 JUL 2020 AT 16:24

To Become a STAR...!!!!

They said... He Proved...

P.S.- “Dil Bechara” declared Superhit, loved by so called FANS...!!!!


14 JUL 2020 AT 12:54

Let me Define a World for You,
The air is Dark,
The Sky is Blue....
A Tint of Emotions,
Or the Innocent Hue...
Let me Define a World for You...

Expecting Me,
As a Perfect Soul...
You can, but dnt ever,
Ignore me as a Whole...

The Vows,
The Fire,
The Promises,
The Desire...!!!
Were Both, Holding Hands,
Or Holding the World apart, above anything else..!!!!

Hold me intact,
Firm but Tight...
Let the Darkness vanish,
Lets pray for Light...!!!!

The Light of Love...
The Light of Hope...!!!

Let me define a World for you,
Air is Dark but Sky is Blue...!!!!


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