Himanshi Dhawan   (हिमांशी Dhawan)
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Slow down you crazy child
You're so ambitious for a juvenile :)
Joined 2 October 2017

Slow down you crazy child
You're so ambitious for a juvenile :)
Joined 2 October 2017
Himanshi Dhawan 5 JUL AT 17:32

Rain makes me
Forget my adulthood
And relive my childhood!


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Himanshi Dhawan 12 JUN AT 23:53

तअल्लुक़-ए-खा़तिर मेरे शहर से कुछ यूँ निभा लेना कि
इश्क़ के बादल इंतिशार "वहाँ" हो और बारिश "यहाँ" हो।


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Himanshi Dhawan 29 MAY AT 17:09

जिंदगी के पेच-ओ-ख़म को भुलाना जानता है वो,
मेरे रूठें पयामों में तबस्सुम जब ढूंढ लेता है वो,
इसीलिए अपने साथ थोड़ा-सा शहर मेरा रखता है वो।


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Himanshi Dhawan 7 MAY AT 17:01

The harmonica lies
in one end Of the room
– static just Like
our relationship.
My words
are way too
Knackered to
versify the holes
of this organon
Concealed by
The silver case which
I never Wanted but
you insisted
Upon buying.
I don't use
The case


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Himanshi Dhawan 28 APR AT 17:51

I accepted their invitation
with alacrity - the invitation extended by the frying pan, the knives, the tongs, the rolling pin, the steel plates, the spoons - the salt and the sugar ones, the steel glasses.

That kitchen had provided the impedimenta to my matriarch —
my great grandmother,
my grandmother and
my mother
for cooking the perfect amalgamation
of the delicacies of
Garwahal and Punjab.
At that very moment,
I grabbed a packet of two-minute noodles.

I stood there for 5-minutes.

The noodles took long.


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Himanshi Dhawan 8 APR AT 20:20

रूठता हू मैं जब भी मनाती नहीं वो मुझे
मेरे इश्क़ के कहकशाँ को संवारने बैठ जाती है बस।
अपनी जुल्फे़ संवारने बैठ जाती है बस।


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Himanshi Dhawan 7 APR AT 18:40

Amidst the madding crowd,
her estranged scent of
blooming buds whizzed
past him with a smile.

His eyes turned around to
catch another glance of her
like that of a dry land looking
for the petrichor of rain.

That day I saw Delhi
falling in love with April!


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Himanshi Dhawan 7 APR AT 0:49

Dear Life,
You never fail
To charm me
With your alterations
And monotony!

You glorify me
With small accomplishments
And sometimes,
make me go
Through your hamartia.

Dear Life,
Please be kind
I am fighting a war
My wishes and senses!


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Himanshi Dhawan 26 JAN AT 23:14

There is a rapist inside you, me and them.
(Read in Caption)


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Himanshi Dhawan 20 JAN AT 23:30

शुरुआत में सर्द-जा़ हो जाती है,
फिर आते आते सर्द-मेहर हो जाती है,

हाँ, हमारी मोहब्बत कुछ जनवरी सी है।


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