Himanshi Dhawan   (हिमांशी Dhawan)
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Make the matter, matter.
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Make the matter, matter.
Joined 2 October 2017
Himanshi Dhawan 29 MAY AT 17:09

जिंदगी के पेच-ओ-ख़म को भुलाना जानता है वो,
मेरे रूठें पयामों में तबस्सुम जब ढूंढ लेता है वो,
इसीलिए अपने साथ थोड़ा-सा शहर मेरा रखता है वो।


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Himanshi Dhawan 7 MAY AT 17:01

The harmonica lies
in one end Of the room
– static just Like
our relationship.
My words
are way too
Knackered to
versify the holes
of this organon
Concealed by
The silver case which
I never Wanted but
you insisted
Upon buying.
I don't use
The case


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Himanshi Dhawan 28 APR AT 17:51

I accepted their invitation
with alacrity - the invitation extended by the frying pan, the knives, the tongs, the rolling pin, the steel plates, the spoons - the salt and the sugar ones, the steel glasses.

That kitchen had provided the impedimenta to my matriarch —
my great grandmother,
my grandmother and
my mother
for cooking the perfect amalgamation
of the delicacies of
Garwahal and Punjab.
At that very moment,
I grabbed a packet of two-minute noodles.

I stood there for 5-minutes.

The noodles took long.


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Himanshi Dhawan 8 APR AT 20:20

रूठता हू मैं जब भी मनाती नहीं वो मुझे
मेरे इश्क़ के कहकशाँ को संवारने बैठ जाती है बस।
अपनी जुल्फे़ संवारने बैठ जाती है बस।


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Himanshi Dhawan 7 APR AT 18:40

Amidst the madding crowd,
her estranged scent of
blooming buds whizzed
past him with a smile.

His eyes turned around to
catch another glance of her
like that of a dry land looking
for the petrichor of rain.

That day I saw Delhi
falling in love with April!


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Himanshi Dhawan 26 JAN AT 23:14

There is a rapist inside you, me and them.
(Read in Caption)


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Himanshi Dhawan 20 JAN AT 23:30

शुरुआत में सर्द-जा़ हो जाती है,
फिर आते आते सर्द-मेहर हो जाती है,

हाँ, हमारी मोहब्बत कुछ जनवरी सी है।


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Himanshi Dhawan 26 NOV 2018 AT 16:52

Someone pushes away
the clinomaniac instincts,
Someone strengthens
resistance against
Someone works hard
to make ends meet,
Someone smiles
at the ordeals of life,

Just for me.

And I see that
someone every
morning in the


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Himanshi Dhawan 25 NOV 2018 AT 14:50

Not too close to the blaring world.
Not too away from my maundering home.

You and books have a lot many similarities.


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Himanshi Dhawan 24 NOV 2018 AT 23:05

I was high on love

Until the reality of nausea took over me.


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