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Hema K S 13 MAY 2019 AT 17:38

They say time heals everything
And everything changes with time.
What does it heal?
What does it change?
The scars on my body,
The blood I lost,
The mental trauma I'm going through,
The embarassment I feel when I go out,
The society which curses or pities me for being raped
Or the Pain I feel every minute?

It heals nothing!
The past haunts me every single day like a nightmare.
It makes me feel I deserve nothing but dejection
It makes me feel,I'm a living but dead body
It makes me feel my life is nothing but like hell
It breaks me everytime I see my parents,
Everytime time I see them hiding their pain and try to make me feel normal,
Nothing works,
Nothing Changes,
Not my pain..not my scars..not my past.
I'm a victim of this cruel world
And I'm doomed for life now!


Hema K S 13 MAY 2019 AT 16:47

Waiting for something to happen,
Waiting for someone to have with you,
Waiting for the one you love to be a part of your life
And it's all about having them with you forever ..till your last breath!


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Hema K S 11 MAY 2019 AT 21:25

All you need is someone
To encourage you ..tell you
C'mon you can do it! Just do it man!
If you got one you are lucky.

If you didn't,
Don't worry..
You have you!
You need to tell yourself
You need to get the courage,
To take a leap
And that's deep!!

The small steps you take
Is what that matters a lot.
Not many will be happy with your success
They'll be waiting to pull you down
Don't give them a chance and let them pull you down

Just do what you feel like doing!
Just go for it ..if u really want it
Whatever it takes!
There's nothing that you can't do
Have faith in you.


Hema K S 6 MAY 2019 AT 23:29

Sitting on the terrace..
Looking at the dark sky
I wonder !
Where my life is going..

Is this what you call a life?
Where you fake more than being real
Where you question your own worth
Where you have no one to talk openly
N share your feelings with?
Where you have no one who really cares
Where you have no one to understand?

Though you have someone to talk to
You'll not know,
how to express what you actually feel,
how to make them understand,
Even if they understand;they don't understand.

They were never been in your situation.
They are not you!
It's only you; your life, you have to live it the way you want to.
If it's written it will happen!!
Life goes on no matter what!!!


Hema K S 6 MAY 2019 AT 12:36

It's over.
What is over?
Is it our relationship which I thought was meant to be forever is over?
I'm done.
What is it you are done with?
Is it really me with whom you are done with?

I don't love you.
Is it me?,whom you don't love anymore
To whom you told, "I love you forever"?
I don't want you.
Who is that you don't want now?
Is it me?, the one you proposed to
And to whom you told ,''I want you"?

Is this really you?, The love of my life?
Is this you saying all these to me?
Whose love, I thought was neverending.
The one who accepted me as I was, and
Whom I never expected to leave me.

No! This can't happen,
Not even in my wildest dreams.
But, it all happened..for real!
Shattering me into pieces.
Making my heart feel heavy..
The love of my life left me broken..to an extent that no one could fix me!!


Love.. something that cannot be defined.
#love #broken #breakup #sad

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Hema K S 5 MAY 2019 AT 20:37

Don't worry..
Everything is not gonna be fine,
you'll just get used to it.


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Hema K S 5 MAY 2019 AT 16:41

You will never get same moment twice, so live it to the fullest n capture to make a beautiful memory.


Hema K S 5 MAY 2019 AT 16:33

All you have is this moment, embarce it gratefully!


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Hema K S 4 MAY 2019 AT 9:22

Life is strange!!
It gives you best people and snatches them right away, knocking you down so hard that you'll be left with no strength to pick yourself up and courage to get back.


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Hema K S 11 OCT 2018 AT 10:21

Never let your thoughts die,
Express them.
They are meant to be expressed.


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