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Harsh Snehanshu (हर्ष स्नेहांशु)

I write about simple things that often miss one's eyes in a very simple language. Striving to be simpler with time and experience. Started out as a writer. Realised there are no good writing platforms for smartphones. Started YQ with Ashish. Now on a mission to make the world write. Reach me at harsh@yourquote.in for any help/collaboration. My last book, Green Mango More: Stories from Childhood (2015), is a collection of 36 funny tales from my childhood. Check it on Amazon below.


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My bed
has become our pet.

It stays awake
the entire night,
looking at the road,
hoping it’s you who is veiled 
in that silhouette.

I was surprised at first,
for it has never seen you,
you who is yet to arrive.
Then I remembered
how some of my dreams
with you in them
might have spilled 
on to the pillow, on to the bed.


7 JAN AT 11:12

just a thought of you
flutters by,
a memory flashes
and a shiver runs through 
my entire body
as it shyly
remembers your touch.

just a thought of you
flutters by, and
I miss you so much.


4 JAN AT 16:36

I look out of the window,
hoping to find you
on the road.

Then I see you,
perched on the railing,
picking twigs for your nest.

Moving on
isn’t just about moving to
a new place, a new city,
it’s also about moving into 
a new home.

On moving.

4 JAN AT 13:36

Inaugural poem for my 2018 notebook. Titled: Shooting Stars on a Plate.

4 JAN AT 5:23

When I try to imagine the important people in my life, I don't see their faces but the emojis they use. That they bombard my WhatsApp window with. A friend uses this 🕺🏻a lot and now every time someone sends me this, it reminds me of her. Or that frequent user of 🌸 who changed my habit of using throbbing red hearts that look like jiggly bums with a subtler flower. And another one who replaced the flower with a sunflower. 🌻 More character. Or the perpetual smirk face emoji 😏 that the unimpressed non-Sardar friend (reference: Kanan-Biswa PMR) sends. Or the 😜 that the perpetually funny (sometimes lame) friend adds on to every retort. Or the 🙄 my school crush says every time I try to flirt.

Right now, I was talking to a friend who alternates between 🙂 and ':)' and I asked how does she decide which one to use. She wrote: 

"😊 is more mechanical. :) more personal."

I sent a : ) in return. She replied with a 🙂

Emoji people.

2 JAN AT 1:25

I wish you are around
so that I can capture you 
in paints
than in words 
that are never enough,
hence, few.

Unlike words,
paints can be touched.
As can you.

Rainbow that you are.

1 JAN AT 18:37