Hari Thapliyaal   (Advaitananda)
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1 JUN AT 20:24

Smallest leaf of a plant or small flower
reminds deep thinking human
about God and its creation.
But this feeling you won't get
even after watching the tallest and grandest
human-made building. Why?
What is there in that smallest leaf or flower?
A real life!

Pay more attention to life than
to building, furniture, and automobiles
And you will be filled with joy and life.


1 JUN AT 18:57

If you cannot get benefited by human birth
then you lost the right of being human.

So what was the benefit of being human?
Having secular education, making money,
getting married, having children,
making infrastructure for enjoying
and watching laughter channels to laugh and
looking for little hope of having joy in life?

You forgot to ask, who made you human?
Your Karma? Ishwara?
Why did you become human?
Because you couldn't liberate yourself in your last life?
Now ask yourself
what I have done in this life to liberate?

If nothing, then no Moksha in this life.
And in that case in the next life
you lost the right of taking human birth.


29 MAY AT 5:11

A serious human thinker
must think deeper
around these 6 topics throughout his/her life.

Self (जीव), World (जगत),
God (ईश्वर), Bondage (बन्धन),
Liberation (मोक्ष) and Tools for Liberation (मोक्ष साधन)

(A normal human waste
his/her entire life time in thinking
about survival, enjoyment,
heaven/hell, repenting and
being nostalgic about past,
planning or worrying about future)



16 MAY AT 15:26

In love can you look straight
and stare into another’s eyes
You are giving energy to each other through eyes.
It is a virtuous loop.

In other times you can offend a person.
And each one is sucking the energy from other
And this become a vicious loop.


16 MAY AT 15:19

If the mind is ill,
then the illness can be treated,
but if the mind itself is the illness,
then this illness cannot be treated.
It can be transcended,
but it cannot be treated.

- Osho


16 MAY AT 14:56

Every life, being, and thing
which has come into existence
will fade away and die one day.

But the only human beings
has the potential to know that
there is some immortality
in this graveyard called earth.

Before you exit this planet
work to experience that immortality
or at least know that
this is also a possibility in your life.


13 MAY AT 22:53

क्योंकि भेडों की तरह
भीड मे रहने की आदत हो गई है


13 MAY AT 22:50

They don't know how to raise their consciousness and come out of it.
So most of the people keep falling for whole life.
Some learn quickly and they rise in love.


13 MAY AT 22:47

Buddha says Samadhi is an absence of Dukkha
Shankra says Samadhi is the presence of absolute bliss
One is using a negative word to define something
and another is using positive words.
So don't get trapped too much around
the negativeness or positiveness of words.
Pay attention to the content.

Negative words can have meaningful message.
And positive words may be like a hollow drum,
without any weight or meaning.

But for that one need to learn,
how to live life neutral
from the words of positive and negative,
and need not be emotional with words.


13 MAY AT 22:31

For some, God is Life.
So they defend their God
at the cost of their individual life.

For others, Life is God.
So they respect life much that
they don't care about other gods than life.

For some, there is no God.
So they are busy with their own
little activities to sustain their life.

For others, there is no Life.
So they are fed up with work,
relationship, responsibilities
that they feel they're breathing but they are dead.


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