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6 AUG AT 23:50

If you cannot understand my words
Then how will you understand my silence?


4 AUG AT 15:56

82. Circular Life

When we took birth,
life started and consciousness was very limited.
Life is circular so we started the journey on the circle
but the face is away from that starting point,
At that time we are least conscious and
our back is towards that starting point.

When we become older the journey
on the circle is getting completed and
we have our face towards the starting point.
By this time, we should be more aware and conscious.
Returning home in full awareness is better
than dying in addiction or with unfulfilled desires.

Unfortunately, even in the evenings of life,
there are a lot of confusion, unfulfilled desires,
revenge and whole life look purposeless.
It means you are returning home
but walking in the opposite direction of your face.


4 AUG AT 15:46

81. Happiness and Friends

Buddha is sitting under a tree,
He is blissful and he is fully aware of his bliss.
The tree is also blissful but it is not aware.
What is the use of that joy, peace, and happiness
which you get when you are
half-conscious or lost consciousness?

So remaining blissful without the external help
of friends or alcohol or steroids or marijuana is more sustainable.
So be blissful and then live with friends.
Rather than going to friends and hoping
they will wipe your tears and laugh with you in your happiness.

If they don't do what you expect
then you will feel that they are your enemy.
In fact, they are expressing freely before you.
And you want your friends to become
slaves of your emotional swings.


4 AUG AT 14:30

83. Suffering, Pain, and Happiness

Suffering is in the mind, pain is on the body.
Mostly suffering (दुःख) is a sign of richness
And pain (कष्ट) is a sign of poverty.
So the rich are suffering due to relationships,
ego, power, promotion, and taxes,
But the poor are living in the pain of clothless winter,
houseless summer, hungry stomach, and ill body.

Rich suffers more because they have resources
but they have more desire than their resources.
Poor surfers less because their desires are limited
due to the limited resources.

People don't know what is suffering
They simply suffer in the hope of pleasure
And in the presence of their endless desires
Those who know what truly suffering is.
They know why we suffer.
The moment we know this truly
We definitely know how not to suffer.

Whose desires are fulfilled
are not happy for more than a moment.
Whose desires are not fulfilled are always unhappy.


31 JUL AT 0:02

79. Krishna and Cows

If your father has one lakh cows.
Then at least 50 thousand must be giving milk.
If one cow gives minimum 5 liters of milk every day
then milk production is 2.5 lakhs liters per day.
What will you do with that milk?
Of course, you have a big ecosystem,
the wealth will be distributed among those,
who are managing these cows.

In this situation will you go to a neighbor's house
to steal curd and butter?
But Hindu Kathakaar are repeating this story
since 15th century, the time of Surdaas.
And we say this is our culture
and itihaas or puran and what not.
When did it happen that the Hindus culture
stopped using logic like Abrahamic culture?
The logic of repeating the text from books
without stopping and pondering on the meaning.

I am sorry to hurt the feelings of those
who believe too much and rationalize less.
But that is what my Hindu tradition is.
It is about keep asking questions,
sit near a Guru and write Upanishads.


30 JUL AT 23:43

78. Travel and Direction of Travel:

If you desire then there is a goal or destination.
If there is a destination there is a journey
If there is a journey there is a road
You travel on the road to reach
the goal and fulfill your desire.

If you are unhappy, puzzled,
unsatisfied with people and
circumstances around, feeling bored then
your solution exists inside not outside.

That is what realized one calls realization of self.
Now, if self-realization is the goal
or destination of life then
all wandering, traveling, and roads
will lead to more puzzles, confusion, and dissatisfaction.
No amount of good karma or
Donation or Puja or Prayer or Morality or Reading
will take you to yourself.

All these will lead to an unnecessarily
long route to reach the self.
Perhaps the whole life will go
and you will never reach to the self.

So what to do?
Nothing, simply sit and don't do anything
Your doing is causing more problems for yourself.
Perhaps your sitting calmly
will take you closer to your being.
And hence realizing the self.


30 JUL AT 23:11

84. Our Mind :

Our mental and physical habits of
action or karma is so deep-rooted in us
that we think that the thought of
no action is taboo in our society.
Due to this reason, everyone is busy all the time,
and thinking it is a virtue and being busy is a great thing.
We take pride in this madness.
The more busy a person is,
the more important he is considered.

However, someday you can try
That you will not do anything for thirty minutes
No walking, sleeping, eating, drinking, working,
talking, watching, listening, and thinking.
Just sitting in full awareness.
It is the most difficult task for our monkey-like
all-time dancing mind.

Our mind has been trained in such a way
that the mind remains busy and restless effortlessly.
But there is no training of entering
into a state of non-action.
And we take pride in such a half-working mind!


29 JUL AT 23:48

77. Mind and Life:

Mind is about memories
So it is about the past.
The mind has stored experiences of
success and failures.
We want to repeat success and avoid failures.
So we think about and plan the future.
Thus mind dwells on the past and future.

Life happens when you are breathing
The last breath is past
The next breath is future
The breath you are taking or leaving is present.

The mind is about past and future
Life is always present.
Those who live in memories or planning
Are bound to miss the Life, the present.

Those who live in the present
do not get perturbed by the
the action of past and loss or gain of future.


28 JUL AT 13:49

76. Source of Words and Objects:

No matter how good an artist you are
You cannot draw a sky without objects.
But space still exists.
Objects around us may be
illusion in the space
but space is never an illusion.

No matter how good an orator you are
You cannot speak a silence.
But without silence, you cannot speak even a word.
In silence, all the word exists.
Words between the two silences may be an untruth
But silence is never untruth.
In fact millions of words
exists in the same one truthful silence.

Knower of the Self says
All objects and words are illusions.
They are the form and name
of something which we don't know.
We are familiar with people
and objects around us,
therefore, we use them better.
But, no one knows, what they are made of.


19 JUL AT 22:24

Defending in ignorance :
The body is physical, so it must be defended
and protected with your best skill and efforts.

But most of the time
it looks that ideology, religion, traditions, god, culture
are also as solid as physical existence.
People defend these with immense
efforts and attack others fiercely.
Without realising that nonphysical is the fluid
and only way to protect that is,
to refine and don’t allow these
to freeze in the time.
So discuss, argue and debate.
No one is your enemy,
except your frozen identity
and object identification.


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