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19 NOV AT 0:01

Opposites Attracts...
It is the law of nature that the two opposites attract.
If you are getting attracted towards something
then it must be the opposite of you.
If you move into the opposite then
there will be friction, argument, fight
and power tussle to dominate.

If you know how to handle this then
you will find peace in turbulence of life
else you will remain restless.

Another way to live life is that
you don't move towards the opposite,
this will give boredom.

The third way to live is,
you don't move mentally at all
and witness the physical movements.


6 NOV AT 6:37

Part of the Problem

We try to make people, society, village around us peaceful but we are restless.
A restless mind is a problem and
not the solution to the family, people and society around. So even a restless noble prize winner is part of problem.


6 NOV AT 6:35

Purpose of Education

What is the use of that education
which teaches us everything but
doesn't teach us how to handle our own mind?
That is why Dhyana Vidhya is critical in human life. So, invest in the right kind of education.


21 OCT AT 22:47

Empty Mind

Whatever human earns by doing will die one day.
What human earns by being cannot be
taken away by death.
So why the race of so much doing
and human doesn't have time for sitting
and to be in the state being?

Empty mind is not devil's home
But, it is yours seat of staying and looking the world passively.
Unfortunately you cannot have empty mind because it is almost impossible for most of the humanity.
This is unfortunate but true.

That is why our society has a glory for the action
but not for the empty mind.
It is unfortunate but this also is true.


6 OCT AT 23:49

Earlier when the medical system was not modernised a mother was giving birth to ten children in spite of that population was less in those days. That was because only a strong life will survive and the remaining will die. Those who survive have fought with the environment and winner of life they live longer and whatever life they have they would have least problems like BP, sugar, cancer, thyroid, heart attack, kidney etc.

Today mother gives birth to only one child and no matter what, whether that child is weak or strong, as per the nature, they want to make sure it must live. Thus we have so many weak people around. Interestingly some look strong but one emotional or physical blow of life can throw them to the earth.

After this for the whole life we spend money in hospital and ensure the weak must survive. Not only that we have laws and religion in support of the weak.


5 OCT AT 22:37

What to do for the peace of the Mind?

Even after working so much and doing so much
when there is no peace in the mind
People think there is problem
in their way of doing or seriousness in the efforts
or fate so they ask what else should I do.

We need to understand peace come from your state of being
No amount of doing can help us.
If you have tried all your ways,
your energy is exhausted then pause your actions
and be Saakshi of the drama
coming from the three planes of your existence.
Then you are entering into a state of being.
Where existence 'as is' matters not your actions.

More you remain in that more you will know
that the peace doesn't come out of doing
but exiting from that madness of
now what should I do (Ab Kya Karun)


5 OCT AT 11:19

The good thing in Dussehra is, it reminds us that
there are good and bad in human behaviour.

We all know what is good and what is bad.
Of course it is our own relative good and relative bad.
We all want to increase the good and Wipeout the bad.

The bad thing about this festival is
We celebrate this festival outside
And want to grow good and kill bad outside.
And, it is never going to happen.
In fact just the opposite happens.

If you doubt then ask yourself
How many Dussehra celebrations you have seen
Since you are enjoying festivals,
And how much good has come in the society?

May this Dussehra all thinking individuals celebrate inside. Happy Vijay Dashami.


6 AUG AT 23:50

If you cannot understand my words
Then how will you understand my silence?


4 AUG AT 15:56

82. Circular Life

When we took birth,
life started and consciousness was very limited.
Life is circular so we started the journey on the circle
but the face is away from that starting point,
At that time we are least conscious and
our back is towards that starting point.

When we become older the journey
on the circle is getting completed and
we have our face towards the starting point.
By this time, we should be more aware and conscious.
Returning home in full awareness is better
than dying in addiction or with unfulfilled desires.

Unfortunately, even in the evenings of life,
there are a lot of confusion, unfulfilled desires,
revenge and whole life look purposeless.
It means you are returning home
but walking in the opposite direction of your face.


4 AUG AT 15:46

81. Happiness and Friends

Buddha is sitting under a tree,
He is blissful and he is fully aware of his bliss.
The tree is also blissful but it is not aware.
What is the use of that joy, peace, and happiness
which you get when you are
half-conscious or lost consciousness?

So remaining blissful without the external help
of friends or alcohol or steroids or marijuana is more sustainable.
So be blissful and then live with friends.
Rather than going to friends and hoping
they will wipe your tears and laugh with you in your happiness.

If they don't do what you expect
then you will feel that they are your enemy.
In fact, they are expressing freely before you.
And you want your friends to become
slaves of your emotional swings.


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