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Joined 3 February 2019
Rajendra YESTERDAY AT 10:59

I will fall in love with ❤

People's thoughts,
And their passion.
The way their eyes lights up,
When they talk hopelessly,
about the things they love.
And the way they
Fill happiness in each moment❤

When the conversation,
starts with soul & ends in eyes,
Its a pure bliss. ❤

Love unconditionally,
live passionately,
laugh hopelessly❤


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Rajendra 15 NOV AT 19:37

Be with someone
Who want to undress your conscience,
And make love to your thoughts ❤


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Rajendra 11 NOV AT 12:56

The one who makes me feel,
The way music does ❤


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Rajendra 7 NOV AT 13:44

It doesn't matter
Where I am? And what I am?

You may call me crazy..!
But i love to see people,
Being so happy
And getting succeed 💞

For me life is beautiful journey
Not a competition ❤


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Rajendra 6 NOV AT 18:06

Sometimes when I remember you,
I feel I’m gazing at a distant star
In a dark sky all over.
It’s dazzling, but the,
Light is sparkling in my soul ❤

Love is like a flower bud
It starts as just a small plant, but
later blossomed into an amazing flower
Just in the connection of soul
a beautiful love will be bloomed ❤

You are much beautiful than,
Sunset of the sea shore.
You are more stunning than,
the thunder storm in rainy season.
You are more alluring than,
any song that I have ever listened to.

I had not seen what the real meaning of beauty,
So, find me soon❤


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Rajendra 5 NOV AT 13:54

If Love never existed,
In this whole universe,
there would have never been
any heartbreak, failure,
Depression and sad stories..!
How would we have
Known the Magic of life then?


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Rajendra 2 NOV AT 16:01

Make your life count❤
Be the kind to love everyone 😇

Hug the hurt one,
Befriend the lost one,
Kiss the broken one,
Love the lonely one💞

Always make people better than
you found them..!
Be the sunshine ❤


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Rajendra 26 OCT AT 17:50

I want to be the man,
you fall hopelessly in love💞
The one whom I take in my arms
And make u feel so safe in being my warmth ❤
Would be the one to lift and take into your bed
where you keep trapped in my eyes❤
I just want to be that kind where,
The one who will memorize the things you share
as well as the shape of your lips when
you whisper in my ears
I want to know every curve, every freckle,
every tone of your body along with,
every shiver of your soul tremble ❤
I know where and how to touch you💞
To make you moan my name in ur soul deep inside.
I know the way to convince you
And to design your smile along with ur soul ❤


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Rajendra 22 OCT AT 14:13

Ask me anything
I will try to answer honestly

Fun time with questions 😅😅


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Rajendra 21 OCT AT 16:34

Are you broken??

Be more thankful to life 💞
You have lost someone,
Who don't love you 🖤
They lost someone,
Who loved them❤

Love ur life 💞
You deserve the best ❤


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