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Joined 3 February 2019
Rajendra Tarakar 4 MAY AT 19:35

Everytime I look into ur eyes,
I see something more beautiful,
Than the stars in a dark night. ❤️

I feel that if you are not happy,
then the world needs to stop,
until you smile. ❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 24 APR AT 12:46

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are family,
loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

It makes me proud that I have parents that,
raised me and my character beautifully
You are the parents that all kids hope to have,
you are the couple that all lovers hope to be,
you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it had.

“I remember how young, beautiful and happy you were,
when I was a little kid and you know,
nothing has changed since then. You’re just the same,
loving and being loved "that’s what important."
You’re the reason I exist, you’re the reason for happiness ❤️

You have always taught us to attain milestones in life.
Congratulations on attaining one yourself.

I wish you both happy wedding anniversary Appa and amma ❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 3 APR AT 10:39

I need a Hug ❤️

Hugs are so special,
Especially those hugs,
they are so tight, and warm,
you can literally feel
The other person's heartbeat
And everything feels so calm and safe
like everything is fine
and nothing can hurt you.!

It is symbol of love and care
the sign of Am there for you .

A hug can make a huge difference ❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 19 MAR AT 7:17

If you see someone falling behind, Walk beside them.
If someone is hurt enough, Lift them up.
If someone is being ignored, find a better way to include them ❤️

Hug the hurt one, Befriend the lost one,Kiss the broken one,
Love the lonely one, make smile the sad one,
Always make people better than,you found them before.!
Just one act of kindness could mean The world to someone ❤

Your bank balance,costliest car,expensive cloths ,royal lifestyle
These all are fine but these are temporary.!

When you will be Old and sitting alone somewhere,
You only remember the kind things you have done,
Belive me you will cherish them always❤️

Life is really beautiful,
Create memories to cherish in life,
Make it count and live the moment ❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 11 MAR AT 11:33

Whenever someone leaves us
Everyone of us call them as " Ex "

What does this "Ex" mean?
"Ex" means Example ❤️

Example for how to love someone,
Example for how to care of someone,
Example for not to leave someone,
Example to learn our own mistakes,
Example to learn how to handle situation,
Example for how to take care of relationships,
Example for not to repeat the same mistakes,
Example to learn life again ❤️

When someone leaves you,
Don't regret ever,
Learn from it, and make urself better,
Life is always beautiful on its way..❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 8 MAR AT 2:40

We all are born. because, You bleed..!!

You are the strength of every man,
You are the reason for everyone's smile,
You are the hope of everyone's tomorrow,
You are the reason to believe in life,

Without you the world is incomplete,
Without you everyone's heart feels empty,
Let the world blossom with your smile,
The way you have always does.

Everytime you makes us to believe in life & love,
Without you a man's life is incomplete,
The world is running with the power of you,
You are the reason for me to believe In god.



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Rajendra Tarakar 25 FEB AT 13:06

I talk about you like you Adore the stars in the sky❤️

I wann wrapp my hands around you
To hug you so tight and long to make you feel lost,
Let my beard teases the back of your neck,
Let my warm breath on ur ears drives u crazy,
Let your skin shivers against my lips,
bear my mark all over your body,
Unless you Scream my name ....!!!

 I want to feel your scent and taste your skin,
I want to explore your heart with my soul,
And your body with my hand and tongue together..!
I want to explore you and your deapths
Along with the background music of your moans ..!

Close your eyes, open your heart and feel my soul ❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 14 FEB AT 13:02

Love is divine, it is a bliss,Love is universal feel❤️
If you are truly in love with all your heart,
each day is valentine's day for you❤️

Before you celebrate valentine's day,

Kindly remember those souls,
Who lost their lives for the country on this
14th February in Pulwama attack 🖤

Every one of us proudly say,
I'm Indian, we have the richest culture,
Although in our all bio we mention as proud Indian and all..!

If you are truly a Indian, take a moment
And pray for those souls, and their families.❤️

You can get your love and your lover any time,
But India will not get the lost soldiers back ❤️


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Rajendra Tarakar 8 FEB AT 11:17

I was talking to one of my friend..!

Me : Heyy, why didn't you attended
yesterday's party?

She : You don't understand girls problem..!

Me : Am sorry, i understand,
I think it pains more naa....

She : No man..!
I didn't had any new dress to wear 😑

- Rajendra


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Rajendra Tarakar 28 JAN AT 13:39

You are divine ❤

Moon is the most divine of all lights.
But, It's the Stars that makes the night beautiful ❤

You are as beautiful as the Moon,
But the spark in your eyes,
And the way you smile in the edges of lips,
With the innocence in your eyes,
Makes you even more beautiful ❤

The way you keep me trapped in your eyes is,
something beyond the world where I feel the real joy.
The way you hold the Happieness in feel,
Makes me to crave for the love I always wished❤

Even though you are a complete full moon,
I promise to love your darkness too ❤
Meet me soon


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