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Joined 28 September 2017
20 SEP AT 19:16

You abandoned me
In my time of need.
(for just a minute, bitch.
Let's tell it like it is)

I was a mess
You got stressed
Too much duress
For your mind to process.

Loyalty was fleeting
Your promises? Misleading.
Lucky my heart's still beating
After this excessive bleeding.

Fuck your promises.
Fuck your lies.
Fuck your love—
It fucked my life.

For just a minute, bitch.
Let's tell it like it is.


7 SEP AT 20:35

" #DearNotShakespeare,
I'll be the one
You come back to—
I volunteer.
Please, no jeers.
I've made it quite clear
There'll be space here
When you're ready
For your rightful place
Beside me."


24 AUG AT 17:41

"Lightning moves about 30,000 times faster than a bullet.
However, a bullet is fast enough."


12 JUN AT 2:04

Dear #NotShakespeare,
I'm sick of writing books for you.
To you. About you.
I'm revolted by my prose,
Nauseated by my poems, &
Vexed by my text.
You're the fucking worst,
& I love you
More than most.


19 APR AT 23:45

Never saw my flaws
'Til I caught a glimpse
Via someone else's eyes.

In the same visage?
I've yet to view
Such beauty.


19 APR AT 22:19

Branch breaks.
Earth rushes closer.


17 APR AT 21:30

It erases a part of myself
Of who I am.
The very notion
That made you love
And un-love
My beautiful
Broken self.


17 APR AT 15:32

My name is Ally Jean, and I'm a loser. First, I lost my brother. Then? My dad. Before I could lose myself I met someone who bothered to give a shit. He held it together for us both while the world did it's damndest to fall apart.

Somehow, it didn't. I found my place—my voice—learned who I fucking am, and kept the casualties at a minimum along the way.

But, I'm just getting started.

'Four Letter Words: Act Two:
Opening Fall 2021
© haleybcu.com'


28 SEP 2017 AT 7:49

"How would you describe your relationship with Mr. Winters?"
"When it's good it's nothing short of incredible."
"When it isn't?"
"Like putting metal in a microwave."


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