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A girl who writes what she observes
Joined 19 December 2016

A girl who writes what she observes
Joined 19 December 2016
12 FEB AT 7:24

She is not just your woman,
She is your home.— % &


10 APR 2021 AT 23:33

In search of peace.
I found my way back to you,
To breathe without any anxiety.
I found my way back to you,
Through my shattered dreams.
Let me get back to you,
To end the perils of this misfits.


10 APR 2021 AT 23:26

Dancing on the music of my worries
Dreaming to Strengthening my beliefs.
Distancing from the negativity.
Defining my shinning personality,
Daring to be me with me.


8 APR 2021 AT 1:32

And stars sparkle on our dreams.

Let's create our small world,

With love and hope of certainty.


8 APR 2021 AT 1:16

Our dreams can never die.


8 APR 2021 AT 1:08

"Tired Soul"

This homeless heart,
With clipped wings,
And trussed up myths,
Deep dive into a
Nihilistic Abyss.
This soul is tired,
Tired of the burden unseen,
And fallacious hope within.


13 FEB 2021 AT 23:13

If you can't do the work,
Then don't make the buzz.


10 AUG 2020 AT 14:33

"Get Back"

Don't back down,
Or break your pride.
Tune into some music,
Take a deep dive.
It's okay to be broken,
You'll get a chance to fix.
Renounce your mistakes,
Cement it with peace, don't miss.
Wear your cardigan,
Hold your breath,
Carve your gravestone,
With deeds that never hold you back again.


22 APR 2020 AT 14:04

My thinking is small,
Because you are missing out my vision..


10 APR 2020 AT 19:20

The "Little Things" ,
Which made me
Swing, fly and smile,
Were the same things,
Whose absence made me
Cringe, bitter and cry.


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