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Gitesh Dubey AN HOUR AGO

(Five year old me ) afraid of ghost believing that he will abduct me from bathroom

(five year old me)


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Gitesh Dubey 5 JUN AT 23:50

Those who are ready to go through countless number of failures just to make one win count, they are winners


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Gitesh Dubey 5 JUN AT 20:01

She light up my world like moon lit up the sky


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Gitesh Dubey 5 JUN AT 15:18

An astute learner
learns more by Observing,
not by looking at things


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Gitesh Dubey 3 JUN AT 13:03

when you submit the same assignments that your teacher earlier demonstrated to the class

le teacher to you


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Gitesh Dubey 3 JUN AT 1:18

when someone likes all of my quotes without even reading it

me to them


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Gitesh Dubey 2 JUN AT 12:15

What's the most beautiful thing you have seen, she asked
I prompted with a mirror in front of her and looked into her dazzling eyes and said, this is it
For another minutes there was decorous silence between us.


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Gitesh Dubey 1 JUN AT 12:56

The night shrouded over the sky
moon shrink into the dark
left over the snarl of mysteries
and forgotten past
spiders woven the branch of trees
bats hail from the dreadful drought
stream of lakes ooze into utterly silence
remarking not to awake the dead of the past


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Gitesh Dubey 27 MAY AT 0:38

You are alone only when you lose companionship of your own


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Gitesh Dubey 25 MAY AT 23:03

is not a prerogative of only lions and kings,
its very stiffened into every heart of human beings, unleash it .


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