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Joined 20 November 2019

Joined 20 November 2019
Exquisite Ray 26 JUN AT 22:47

At times, silence is more powerful than proving a point.


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Exquisite Ray 14 JUN AT 22:21

Depression has no face.
Please be kind
Even to smiling face.


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Exquisite Ray 10 JUN AT 15:35

Smiles are like oceans.
People never really
know their depth.


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Exquisite Ray 10 JUN AT 8:47

Deep in my heart,

I hold the glow

of all the joy and

love we used to know.

You're like a star.

Far from sight but

always close to my heart.


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Exquisite Ray 2 JUN AT 7:17

She has a forest of
Wilderness in her soul
And an ocean of
Kindness in her heart.
She brings sparks to
Places she goes
And grace in all the
Things she does.
It's time to spread her wings
And soar above adventurous things
'Cause today she begins her journey
To another year ❤
Happy b'day Jennifer! 😍


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Exquisite Ray 27 MAY AT 23:51

Zillion pieces.
But I'll rearrange
and get up.


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Exquisite Ray 26 MAY AT 18:18

Finding reasons
to stay is a reason
to Walk away...


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Exquisite Ray 25 MAY AT 16:49

From deep blacks to bright sun
Stormy eyes, catchy smile
Holds a glimpse of universe
in your eyes
Whose vast multitudes
Are hard to find.


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Exquisite Ray 20 MAY AT 18:48

Hello missh cracky walky talky weirdo Jen😆😆😆


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Exquisite Ray 20 MAY AT 15:49

He stood there at the verge of the cliff holding his marksheet. His memory flashed back to the last time he drew his painting of the star-fed sky from his room on the roof.
Each time he dipped the brush onto the medium and applied it on the paper, a sense of warmth touched his soul amidst the cold night. His eyes could hardly believe that was his art for it looked like a piece of the dark midnight blue.
The engineer jumped but the artist flew.


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