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Iam easy to be judged but tentatively diffult to perceive.
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Iam easy to be judged but tentatively diffult to perceive.
Joined 25 March 2018
27 AUG 2023 AT 7:18

When someone asks you to follow their rules to communicate with them.
Do not bow down to their tantrums.
Those who have regulations to talk,
Can regularise themselves first.


26 AUG 2023 AT 0:04

You learn the need to react,
If needed Over react,
So that, they never act again.
Always remember to respond,
When it's in your capability.
Pain is nobody's cup of tea.


1 JUL 2023 AT 17:59

Time will surely heal you,
But it can never erase memory.
So, talk when you can,
Be clear when you have a chance.
Don't let the memory haunt you,
Don't let the beast in you taunt you.


11 MAR 2023 AT 15:07

Never provoke your conditional support,
For a conditioned period of time.
Provide me what's unconditional,
Or i'm strong enough without you.
And if you feel you can't take it,
Walk away, nobody asked you to stay.
The worst thing to do is provide conditions,
And hope for them to appreciate your favor.
It's not the right time to correct,
Nor the right time to mark their mistakes,
It's time to be unconditional, listen and forget.


15 FEB 2023 AT 5:39

Her heart has an argument with her brain every time it wants to beat as she seeked respect, not attention.

- Aksum


9 MAY 2022 AT 16:29

Wrong people judge the right thing to be wrong,
Until the point that,
All the people do wrong and right becomes odd.


22 FEB 2022 AT 12:31

You can never buy a person by following their point of interest,
If it isn't your cup of tea,
There is always lack of intentions in whatever you do,
As you do it for a beneficiary,
The day you lose the value of benefit,
They may lose their self-esteem also,
Cause it's not called as LOVE,
It's rather pronounced as WANT.


12 FEB 2022 AT 21:47

Be careful of what you speak,
You never know the same words,
Can become the reason you die!— % &


20 JAN 2022 AT 12:14

Badwa bhi badi ajeeb cheez hai,
Na haq ke, kisi ke kehne pe bhi lagti nahi,
Aur haq ki, kisi ke bina kehne par bhi lagjati hai.

Museebat tab tak nahi ati,
jab tak wo na haq ka ho.
Khuda ki zaroorat tab padti hai,
Jab haq ki baat par kharoch bhi ajae.


17 JAN 2022 AT 0:41

If you are a person with ethics who
doesn't follow ethics and
hurt themselves with their choices.

Either redefine ethics or
Change the choices you make.


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