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Joined 13 September 2018
Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 3 OCT AT 10:06

Kick the sorrows present in your life
and borrow the happiness
to fulfill your dreams. Don't limit your dreams because of temporary problems. You will celelebrate the success of dreams.


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 22 SEP AT 17:13

कुदरत का कानून भी अजीब होता है,
फर्श से पौधा आता है और
मिट्टी मे का सुर्ख हो जाता है.


#कुदरत का कानून #फर्श #पौधा #अजीब कानून

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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 15 SEP AT 12:57

कोई भी व्यक्ती अच्छा या बुरा नही होता,
उसमे कितने प्रतिशत अच्छाई या बुराई है
....यह तय करती है कि...वो इंसान अच्छा है या बुरा.
अगर कोई इंसान बुरा है, इसका मतलब उसकी अंदर कि अच्छाई कम हुई है, वो अगर बढ जाये तो वह व्यक्ती भी अच्छा हो सकता है. बुरे व्यक्ती मे भी अच्छाई तलाश करो फिर पुरा जगत हि अच्छा होगा.


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 7 SEP AT 13:04

One must have to read the stories of failure, it gives inspiration to the world.
Every story has its own values, ethics, certainties and principles.
They not only give us strength but also shows the path of enlightenment.
It also tell us about how close we are and gives confidence that we will definitely win.


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 24 AUG AT 23:08

इन सब ने team कर के,
मेरा meme बनाया है.😂😁


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 18 JUL AT 18:35

It is about the Sun not
It is about an illumination not
It is about hydrogen-helium role
not blackhole,
It is about a birth not
It is about the triumph not


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 14 JUL AT 14:41

funday. Everyday life is in a robotic mode, sunday gives the opportunity to live a life as one wish.
Turn everyday into enjoyable moments.
Make work into happy waves of resonating fork.


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 20 JUN AT 16:04

June has its own tune,
it will secure farmer's fortune,
it is a time for monsoon.
It gives boon of rain
and not ruin your field with a pain.
It gives joy to your brain,
and relieves the strain by rain.
Petrichor opens the door of joy,
and it gives the feeling of Prince Roy.


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 24 APR AT 16:22

हळहळले गणपती पाहून वृक्षतोड,
कोरून घेतले वृक्षात, जपन्या वृक्ष वल्ली।
हेच तो प्रारंभ, हिच ती सुरुवात,
रक्षण्या वृक्ष वल्ली, अवतरले गजराज।।


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Dr. Rajdeep Deshmukh 4 APR AT 13:25

I wanted to say something to respected farmers, don't suicide.
The nation will die after you.
You are a king. You feed the world.


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