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Deepa 21 JAN AT 18:40

A home when
It does not contain real
Love and affection.
If everything goes fake,
It's not a home.
It's just a prison
Without having any bars.


Deepa 21 JAN AT 18:34

No one would cheat
In the name of love.


Deepa 18 JAN AT 19:52

Never losing hope;
Never breaking my faith.
Involving myself
In the continuous run
To achieve something.


Deepa 18 JAN AT 19:50

Everything and everyone move away from

Remain the same
By holding my faith and confidence
To move on.


Deepa 18 JAN AT 19:45

Heal my pain

Boosts me with some energy


Deepa 6 JAN AT 22:39

Making you more idle;
Creating a home for demon within you;
Destroying yourself more and more;
Bringing more suffering for you;
Establishing a devil's house within you;
Making yourself a worst one ever.


Deepa 6 JAN AT 22:30

To achieve your dreams;
Don't lose your hope;
Rejuvenate like a Phoenix;
Each time you fell;
Reborn like a mythological character;
Prove yourself to
This dominating, selfish world.


Deepa 6 JAN AT 22:26

For the better time
To have clear light
In my life.

To clear
The worst part
In my life.


Deepa 6 JAN AT 21:35

Dominating others;
Making yourself superior;
Using rash words;
But it is about
How your character speaks.


Deepa 5 JAN AT 17:47

Time to identify my capabilities

Working hard towards my goal


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