An open letter to my best friend who was,

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An open letter to my best friend who was, I'm not filled with remorse, regret or pain or even grief, but an astounding fear, what if i get used to be a world without you, one thing i had once vouched I wouldn't be able to stand? But.... So many days have gone by & it's not your absence that strikes me every now and then, but your lingering aftereffect. I still turn around hoping to find that you have my back, but an eerie absence smirks back at me. Silence speaks loudly, "She had promised she wouldn't leave, didn't she? You thought she wasn't like everyone, didn't you? Well, well, she was absolutely like everyone, coz everyone promises so." "But i haven't left her side, i won't ever do, have i yet?" Loneliness retorts back. "Touché!" answers back Fear. I have befriended Loneliness & her faithful accomplice, Soltitude. There's this mindblowing beauty in melancholy. The only clamour i hear is that of Silence. She has replaced your voice. I am locked up behind four walls with my demons, i want to get out but the door has too many locks, i am tired of opening the wrong ones. And i have run out of keys. But your absence is teaching me ever so slowly​ how to live without you, unaware it's making me stronger. "Is she ever coming back?" asks Ego in her caustic tone i have grown so used to. "You're a killer," is all my feeble voice utters. Tonight i'll go to the place where you, my best friend, have buried our Friendship alive & i'll lay a rose on the grave, i bet the corpse is still warm.

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