Coral Jain   (Wine & Cheese Poetry)
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I write, then I contemplate.
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I write, then I contemplate.
Joined 20 February 2017
14 SEP AT 9:49

In the moment I didn't know but I went forward and gave her a kiss on her lips. A soft warm gentle kiss that warmed me more than the wine and whiskey. Her lips tasted of some exquisite potion and love that I could not resist. Her lips were a ocean of softness.


9 SEP AT 10:58

How much of him resides in you,
can be measured by the weight
that exists on your eyelids.


23 AUG AT 15:33

How would you move away from
looking at her, when her eyes
are the ones that call you back?


18 AUG AT 14:57

It is such a mystery that
the calmness of her smile
would never tame
the fire in her eyes.


24 JUN AT 12:14

How quickly you turn away
from watching the sun set
only to watch it ardently
at the dawn!


16 JUN AT 12:46

How fragile yet strong is your heart
that you cry to the tune of a music
but live the loss of someone.


26 MAY AT 16:37

Life is a series of such continuous journey to the past and back. The excruciating journey that you make you realize some things you’re never gonna have, some things that were never yours but you thought they were and some things that would’ve been yours but you fucked up and ugly illusions.



22 MAY AT 18:24

How much of you
do I see in myself these days,
that I keep falling for myself
when I look in the mirror?


15 MAY AT 11:38

In rhythms of my heart
where your name reside,
there are songs of you
that play the music.


10 MAY AT 14:39

It’s easier
to write about people
you are attracted to
but are not in love with.


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