Coral Jain   (Wine & Cheese Poetry)
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I write, then I contemplate.
Joined 20 February 2017

I write, then I contemplate.
Joined 20 February 2017
Coral Jain 7 HOURS AGO

In matters of conflict between heart and mind,
the heart will win while trying to please you that it has lost.


• conflict

#heart #mind #yqbaba

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Coral Jain 8 NOV AT 1:34

The next time you see a shooting star,
just believe that it is your star
trying to align itself with mine.


• shooting star

#star #shootingstar #yqbaba

Coral Jain 5 NOV AT 14:04

There are medicines that cure me.
Then there is you who cure
the medicines that cure me.


• medicine

#medicine #yqbaba

Coral Jain 4 NOV AT 7:03

An angel will not come with wings,
but will make you fly.


• fly

#fly #yqbaba

Coral Jain 3 NOV AT 13:12

Things that I hate about you:

• the dampness in your eyes.
• the frown of your forehead.
• the shadow on your face.

Things that I love about you:

• the dampness in your eyes when you talk about love.
• the frown of your forehead while carefully listening to poetry.
• the shadow on your face when I am near to you.


• hate & love

#hate #yqbaba #love

Coral Jain 1 NOV AT 14:36

I see her among the stars everyday.
She shines the brightest even on a full moon night.


• shine

#shine #yqbaba

Coral Jain 28 OCT AT 21:25

Does looking into eyes count as reading?
Your blinking eyes feel like turning pages.


• reading

#reading #yqbaba

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Coral Jain 26 OCT AT 14:42

She is a million dreams fetched into one.


• dreams

#fetch #yqbaba

Coral Jain 24 OCT AT 19:19

Clock, in my life,
is similar to you.
The time slows down
when I look at both.


• clock

#yqbaba #clock

Coral Jain 23 OCT AT 14:59

She is the light of a million stars,
and calm of the sea.


• sea

#sea #yqbaba

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