Charming Smriti   (Smriti ( The unspoken soul))
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Charming Smriti YESTERDAY AT 0:00

Mary had a little doll
Whose eyes were dripping with blood
And everywhere that Mary went,
The doll was sure to go!

It followed her to the grave one day
Which was a place not for children's play
It made the dead men powerful & wicked
To see a haunted doll at their unreligious place

And so the eldest of the dead men called her about
Accordingly she withered around
To see the blood games taking place
In a land of dead man's grin and hound!

"Why's the doll so creepy, man?"
One of the young dead cry
"The rounded fiery eyes
With blood dripping down the face
A torn frock with blood droplets
And a bleeding scissor in hand
Eager to pierce even the dead lying corpse
To kill them even after they're dead once again
Is the only reason to see the doll
As a creepy being "
Was the thundering cloud's reply!


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Charming Smriti YESTERDAY AT 18:10

Khafa toh aaj khudse hu
Shikayat bhi khud se hai
Sirf khud ka bana rakhne ki aarzoo thi
Par Kya kare...kabhi kabhi toh
Farishte bhi gham de Jaya karte hai
Tu toh bas ek insaani
junooniyat tha...


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Charming Smriti 29 MAR AT 23:57

And the moment you winked at me
For the very first time
Oh my love, I wish
There were enough words
To explain what I felt !!!
For a second, it all seemed still
As if, the world had come to a stop
Only you & I ; and an eternal love within!
My cheeks turned pink
As the adrenaline secretion
In my body and blood increased
Giving me a minor & temporary
For a whole while I felt like
Covering that shy face of mine
Under my little palm & fingers
But that killer smile
Which stretches on your face
Never makes me succeed looking away
No matter what the situation be!
That killer smile melts my heart
& Compels me to keep staring at you
Even if I wanna look away!
For only you know,
how much I love you, mah dearest!!!


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Charming Smriti 28 MAR AT 12:07

Crawling & peeping
Up towards the neck
For a soulful hicky
Which gonna turn you wild
The tongue touches the navel
And a moan representing
Extreme pleasure & delight
Crawls towards the
Big rounded paradise
To smell you all over
And taste you throughout....
And all you see is
You & Him in your
Perfect night
Of moonlight
All around!!


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Charming Smriti 27 MAR AT 21:57

As I tiptoed towards the
Unnoticed water droplets...

I ultimately found you!!

(Full piece in caption)


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Charming Smriti 27 MAR AT 19:57

And ultimately
The peevish displeasure
Masked by the
counterfeit smile
Following the
Broken trust,
Turns the happy
Merry, jolly soul into
A misanthrope


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Charming Smriti 22 MAR AT 11:32

And at the end,
All that you love...
Is meant to fade away
Some day!


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Charming Smriti 17 MAR AT 23:59

Amidst the burning ashes
She rose like the flame unignited
Throughout the tranquil covers
Of life's treacherous bashes!


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Charming Smriti 13 DEC 2019 AT 13:10

....क्योंकि वो फरिश्तों सी थी
और मैं एक आम इंसान सा।

(पुरी रचना caption में पढे़)


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Charming Smriti 11 DEC 2019 AT 21:31

And hug me tight
And let our tongues experience a joyful delight
With our mouth juices intermixing together
And your lips casting an impression on mine!
Let not only our bodies intertwine
But our souls too combine
With each of us
dwelling in each other's hearts
For a whole beautiful lifetime!


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