Charming Smriti   (Smriti ( The unspoken soul))
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Charming Smriti 15 NOV AT 20:17

You push me towards it
My back leaning on the faint coloured background
And your eyes piercing the eternal silence
With love
A slight nervousness and shyness on my face
And your loving yet mischievous grin
A twitch in your brows
As if questioning me if I'm okay?
And me nodding my head in approval...
Distance shortening between us
And turning to a few cms
When your nose hits mine
And we land in a world of our paradise
With eyes that never looked apart
And heart which never went far
And emotions which forever remained intact
Just to end up in a cute cuddle of romances
And a delicate nose fight
Ahh the moment soothes
both my body and soul!!


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Charming Smriti 15 NOV AT 18:15

And those warm breaths
On my neck region
When you give me a love bite
Satisfy the thirst for love
Which kept me enraged
Over these years!


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Charming Smriti 5 NOV AT 19:52

Probably bcz we're apart now...
Those long midnight conversations
have lost their way
Those silent video calls just to see
each other have no existence now
Those romantic texts are now
lost under blocked contacts
The love which existed is suppressed now...
The emotions which developed
are homeless now
Cz you've sent me away from you now
We're apart but I still feel your presence
I still care for our love ,
I still miss you my dear
Cz I'm still in love with you darling...
Do you too feel the same any day ever??


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Charming Smriti 18 OCT AT 20:50

And what makes me wonder is
The velocity by which time flies away
When your heart forms a covalent bond with mine
Sharing every little piece of our emotions & love
And minimising the apparent duration
of hours of togetherness to seem like minutes
Exciting every atom of mine
To produce an "exolovic" reaction
In your arms, holding hands
With dreams of a relation
Till eternity,
My dear!!!!


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Charming Smriti 15 OCT AT 22:53

आसमानों में तेरे ही संग उड़ जाऊँ मैं
दिल के यह आसूँ तेरे किताबों के पन्नों में लिख जाऊँ मैं
हवा का झोंका जब आए, खो जाऊँ मैं तेरी ही मधुर मुस्कान में
समेट के रख लूँ तुझे अपने जिगर के छाओं में।।

यह खुशी, यह मुस्कुराहट बस तेरे ही नाम लिख जाऊँ मैं
अगर कोई पुछे तो मेरे दिल पर लिखा हुआ तेरा नाम दिखा जाऊँ मैं
जज़्बातों के समंदर में तेरे ही संग मिल जाऊँ मैं
नज़रों की नज़दीकियों मेँ बस तुझमें ही खो जाऊँ मैं।।

सारा ज़माना जब साथ छोड़ जाए, तब संग रहूँ तेरे मैं
तेरे इश्क के नाम अपनी ज़िंदगी कर जाऊँ मैं
आँखों के पन्नों से होठों के लब्ज़ो तक,
दिल की धड़कन से कानों की गुँज तक
केवल तेरा ही नाम सुन पाऊँ मैं
और अगर खुदा का साथ हो और ईश्वर का आशिर्वाद हो तो चाहूँ
ख्वाबों की जन्नत में तेरे ही संग मर जाऊँ मैं।।


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Charming Smriti 15 OCT AT 18:34

Dressed in the beautiful black saree,
which I gifted her on our first anniversary
Acquaintainted by white neckpiece & earrings
Carrying a bouquet of my favourite flowers
But unfortunately, dried & rotten ones
With an unfresh aroma & fragrance
Spreading all around...

And wait a minute,
She just disappeared for a while
Just a few seconds and I could feel two hands
Hugging me from the back!
Who was it? I wondered
Looking aback, I found it to be her
Once again...

"I love you darling and will always be with you
Every year at least on this day forever n ever till eternity"
Voiced she on our first anniversary!

//And even after 10 years of her demise,
She never failed to keep the promise
she made to me that day by visiting me every year
On this very auspicious day
Giving me goosebumps and leaving no more
presence of her to be identified the next day//


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Charming Smriti 15 OCT AT 14:39

And the smoke coming out of the ashes
From my funeral pyre
Will one day
Utter all the tolerances I made
& All sorts of injustice you did to me ,
For those few years,
Dearest husband!


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Charming Smriti 24 SEP AT 20:01

(They didn't meet for the last 10 days.
After a long time, they hadn't seen each other for
such a long time. Both were missing each other. )
*In text*
She : I'm missing you so much.
He : I understand yaar. I miss you too.
She : Come na, please... Meet me somehow!
Idk how you're going to do it, but I just wanna meet you.
He : Okay okay, I'll think of something.
She: See my birthday is approaching. Just 3 days left.
You were asking what gift I bas here's my demand.
I wanna meet you.
He: Ok, I'll come and meet you after your tuition on your birthday. Happy?
She : Yayyyyy! Yup! Very happy!



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Charming Smriti 24 SEP AT 19:21

कुछ कहे बिना दिल के जज़्बात समझ जाते हो😍
रुठ जाने पर मुस्कुरा कर मना लेते हो😁😁
मेरे ही शब्दों में मुझे ढूंढ़ लेते हो😶😏
मेरी झूठी मुस्कान भी पकड़ लेते हो😐
और जबर्दस्ती रोकी हुई हँसी भी😄
होठो पर "जान" कह कर दिल में बसा रखते हो😍😍
खुद से भी बेहतर अब मुझे समझते हो😇😘
ऐ आशिक, ज़रा बताओ,😒
यह मोहब्बत यह दोस्ती हम से ❤❤
इतना कैसे करते हो?? 💑💑


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Charming Smriti 3 SEP AT 11:18

....Cz when I looked at the stars
They seemed to narrate a story
Which many of you
Might have left
*U n h e a r d*!!!!



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