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We ain't never getting older.. ❣
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We ain't never getting older.. ❣
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Joined 23 June 2019

After some incident..
It doesn't mean that
I don't know anything or
I'm ignorant..

I'm quiet because I'm too shocked to say anything.. The incident has left a deep cicatrix in my mind..


15 SEP AT 14:39

Always remember...
If you are using
a product..
And not paying for it..
Then YOU are
the product..


14 SEP AT 14:35

When taken in hand..
With utmost love & care..
Will provide light &
a beautiful warmth..

When played with it..
Deliberately & roughly..
It will burn everything to


13 SEP AT 11:38

But.. We don't know
where, how &
on whom to use it..

If u use it wisely on
people..It will pay off..

Neither every enemy is evil
nor very friend is an angel..


12 SEP AT 10:50

Different from one another &
each of them having their own individuality..

But they are bonded together by a sweet string of friendship..
Just like the fingers are held together by the palm..


11 SEP AT 11:54

When u feel like giving up..
Just remember two things..

The people who genuinely love, pray & care
for you.. Who have sacrificed their wishes for your happiness..

And the difficult times you have been in before this..
You survived them all & u r alive today..


10 SEP AT 9:26

Enjoy & relish each
moment of it to
the fullest..
Whenever u get it..

Joys are short lived..
With each passing moment..
It will melt away..


9 SEP AT 0:22

You have noticed the shape of the scars..
You have measured the depth of each scar...

You couldn't feel the pain
in which my scars were born...
They were screaming to tell you about this..
But you turned a deaf ear..


7 SEP AT 20:13

If you look around yourself..
Everyone is trapped in
some form or the other..

Actually all these traps are illusions..

The real trap lies in our minds which imprisons our thoughts & we fell entrapped..
So.. To free yourself..
You have to set your mind free..


6 SEP AT 17:05

Colourful to look at..
Beautiful to feel..
But difficult to catch..

You must have the patience to hold on to your dreams..
& work hard on it to make it a reality..


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