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Ishq karo dil se..
Ye dil milte hai mushkil se.. 🖤
Joined 23 June 2019

Ishq karo dil se..
Ye dil milte hai mushkil se.. 🖤
Joined 23 June 2019
20 AUG AT 20:36

जैसे.. हर वो चीज़ जो चमकती हैं...
वो सोना नहीं होती..
वैसे ही.. हर वो चीज़ जो काली होती हैं...
वो कीचड़ नहीं होती..


19 JUN AT 21:24

I don't know..
If anyone has told you this or not..
But your smile is the second best
in this world of all I have known till now..

Sometimes I wish..
I could paint that face of yours
which always has such a sweet smile,
occasionally turning into
a teasing one..


8 FEB AT 23:57

Be greedy.. Be greedy for your ambitions..
Be hungry for it..

You can always want more for yourself..
There is nothing bad in it...
till you are not harming anyone
Or doing anything wrong..
So do want more.. Don't be scared..


6 FEB AT 20:24

If your partner has cheated on you..
Then there are only 2 ways to come out of it..
One, forgive the person, accept whole heartedly
& become positive..
Second, leave the person, move on & still be positive..
It is not your fault..
So you should not be the person
who should get penalised for that..
So it's important.. Take a decision, stay confident and stay positive..


5 FEB AT 19:46

Neend bhi kya gazab
ki cheez hai..
Aa jaaye toh sab
kuch bhula deti hai..
Aur na aaye toh sab
kuch yaad dila deti hai..


4 FEB AT 17:51

Agar koi aapko ignore karta hai
lekin chup chap se
aapko support bhi karta rahe..

Toh samjh jao ki aapne
uss insaan ko bohot
gehri chot pahuchai hai..
Lekin phir bhi kahi n kahi..
Wo aapse pyaar abhi bhi karte hai...


2 FEB AT 18:34

"This world has a strange custom.. "

When you are alive..
No one will come n ask u..
"How are you.. How are you living??"
But once you die..
Everybody will come n ask..
"How did he/she die??"


1 FEB AT 18:02

Agar wo aapke liye rote hai n..
Toh iska matlab ye nhi hai ki
wo kamzor hai ya
unhe aapki sympathy chahiye..
Matlab toh ye hai ki..
Aap unke liye bohot zyada
maayne rakhte ho..
Bohot zyada..


31 JAN AT 21:21

EGO aur SELF RESPECT main kya fark hota hai??

"Main pehle text kyu karu?" Ye hota hai Ego..
"Main hi hmesha pehle kyu text karu?"
Ye hota hai Self respect..


29 JAN AT 16:55

Agar aapke paas koi aaye..
Pyaar ke baade baade daawe kare..
Aur phir jab uska maan bhar jaye..
Aapko chorr ke chala jaye..
Majbooriyon ka bahana dekar..
Toh usse kaho..

"Hume majbooriyaan mat batao..
Maan lo ki tum bewafaa ho.."


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