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29 APR 2021 AT 11:47

In this pandemic, we had lost our near & dear ones, health, peace, education, career, wealth and so on.

We might not be in touch regularly. We might not have responded when someone needed us before. But for now, we shall set aside the past & reach out to each others in times of need without hesitation.

If we cannot extend our shoulders for support,
Let us give each other the hope & prayers.

SPREAD POSITIVITY. Tough times shall pass.


15 AUG 2020 AT 23:23

Stunning look of the sea, vibrant sunrise, long walks, mild drizzling, soothing breeze, smiles of random strangers, pigeons flashing their feathers,...

Silly conversations, unplanned photoshoots in night pants, pointless fights with friends walking along, funny race, relaxing games,...

Waiting for those days to repeat!


24 MAY 2020 AT 18:06

Heartless Soul teasing me when I'm alone but appreciating me in front of others

Irritating Idiot laughing on my cooking skills but stealing my share when I cook

Sadist who grabs that special piece I saved for my last bite with a naughty 'Thank you'

A constant trouble maker who doesn't let others trouble me

And the only reason for my tears - Happy Tears or Those tears when I miss him or Those tears when he is upset with me

Love you loads my Bro! - Kuruvi sings


3 MAY 2020 AT 15:54

Two Types of People:

Those who are next to us but never bothers to make their presence felt to us

Those who are miles apart but makes us feel them in our every single breath


2 MAY 2020 AT 17:59

Not necessarily your success...

At times, your chances and opportunities are also postponed
by nature for the best outcomes &
worst reasons realised in the end.

Hold on till you realise...


1 MAY 2020 AT 21:15

That soothing feel during
late night conversations
with loved one
without any topic or reason
can't be explained


21 APR 2020 AT 19:17

Does love really hurts?

It is not love that hurts.
Fear of misunderstanding hurts.
Pain of rejection hurts.
Prick of losing loved one hurts.
An unapologetic ignorance of loved one hurts.

Actually, Love comforts if it were shown unconditionally to the deserving one.


18 APR 2020 AT 17:51

Your quarentine goal can also be
cleaning the clutter & permanently throwing something or someone off your memories.

Stay home. Shut the doors of your brain and heart. Isolate from the thoughts of unwanted ill-minds. Refresh & rejuvenate to embrace fresh minds after lockdown.


16 APR 2020 AT 8:54

Someone's lack of efforts doesn't mean their lack of time.

It only means their lack of interest & importance for you.


15 APR 2020 AT 19:49

If you need some healthy relationships, you need to sanitize yourselves to get rid of a deadlier virus than Corona -



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