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आपका अपना, दिल से इलाहाबादी

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Joined 6 September 2016

आपका अपना, दिल से इलाहाबादी

#calmkaziintro to know more
Joined 6 September 2016
Bhavesh 6 HOURS AGO

थोड़ी तत्पर,
इच्छा घर जाने की
है कब से।

कहीं बढ़ कर,
किसी दारू या सिगरेट
के दंश से।


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Bhavesh YESTERDAY AT 3:55

Sweets are essential for me during festivals.

Sometimes I feel, mera khoon peene ke liye mosquitoes mein dengue hote honge.


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Bhavesh YESTERDAY AT 20:27

सुबह सुबह
झकझोर देता है ज़मीर,

“छलनी साफ़ कर दो!
शाम की चाय के लिए”


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Bhavesh 20 MAR AT 9:49

Love lifts folks.
Lifts lift folks.
Lift folks,



Bhavesh 19 MAR AT 4:28

Hiccups are welcome,
when you are alone
on your birthday.


Bhavesh 18 MAR AT 13:28

While I sit back
and drink air on my porch,
somewhere a few verses
were scribbled.
Some were sung;
others were booted
and hung.
they witnessed sunshine
while spoken.
they died when
not heard.


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Bhavesh 17 MAR AT 13:16

Every challenge is a brick laid down in the utopian yellow brick road of fascinating outcomes. Some which are mere imaginations than reality. What’s real is just a recycle of what you think is your best work but arguably was a little less than perfect. So you try more. You reach more. You grasp at straws that never exist. You live with, die through , resurrect and resuscitate your own self-pity manifested as effort. Then it’s worth it all.

All of this is a byproduct of a neural synthesis called hope. There is no people here who never do this, everyone irrevocably goes through this vicious cycle. There are no winners, and no losers, because it is never a race, it is just an understated but regular-enough-to-pass-off-as-good cup of tea. You like drinking it, you keep sipping on it.

And that ..... is life.


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Bhavesh 16 MAR AT 23:00

What doesn’t count, always happens
What does count, never happens
Life’s small pleasures follow Murphy’s Law

Especially in Microsoft Excel.


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Bhavesh 15 MAR AT 21:50

As a millennial
there is weight in my words,
both of emotional baggage
and excessive untested experience.


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Bhavesh 14 MAR AT 7:10

Everyday we play a game in texts.

She says “Theek hu” to my “How are you?”

and we smile at the same time.


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