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आपका अपना, दिल से इलाहाबादी

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आपका अपना, दिल से इलाहाबादी

#calmkaziintro to know more
Joined 6 September 2016
Bhavesh 17 HOURS AGO

Sunsets as a concept ask you to breathe easy in moments of impending darkness.
The light spreads out farther that way.


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Bhavesh 18 HOURS AGO

When wind pushes around a fleck of cloth or a piece of paper, maybe it is trying to hold on to the time it stayed still and hence the push-back and relapse.

We have to know, who wants to let go.


Bhavesh YESTERDAY AT 5:43

Dear Ex,


I don’t want to barf out my emotions and create a heartfelt letter to tell you how timidly educative our relationship was.



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Bhavesh 13 JUN AT 8:13

3 days

One to plan out my walk
one that happens when I get to you
Other to crease out my shirt
one that you mentioned you like
and the last day to stay back
on all things we promised we would


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Bhavesh 13 JUN AT 7:52

A poem is a collection of verses
Some that define it
But mostly that are beside it

A poet is a collection of terseness
Some that projects
But mostly that rejects

A listener is a collection of dreams
Some that take shape
But mostly those that misbehave


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Bhavesh 11 JUN AT 23:17

The incessant urge to find a profound end to our stories kills a lot of them in our heads.


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Bhavesh 11 JUN AT 5:56

कल का दिन बीत गया;
आज भी निकल जाए बस।

ऐसे ही ज़िंदगी, काटती है।


दिन गिने


#liners #yqdidi



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Bhavesh 9 JUN AT 23:37

मेरे रश्क़ को यूँ न हवा दो,
ये आग दोनों को जला देगी।।


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Bhavesh 9 JUN AT 5:51

I could have written several letters
but a post-it with “:(“ also does the trick
You see words are unnecessary
when you refuse to listen


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Bhavesh 7 JUN AT 23:45

7 days

a couple to pack,
one to move;
then again there are four
left to redo.
But I will amble
where I intend to;
a week from now
I will fly
and reach you.


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