Bhavesh 7 HOURS AGO

Our life is an open book,
we keep it aside everyday.
Those folded pages
piled along the book edge
show spaces
that remain between us.
These untouched chapters
perhaps inspire our journey
or maybe the spaces
show the miles we left behind.


Bhavesh YESTERDAY AT 16:29

When I cry
it ain’t tears;
It’s asteroids
facializing a planet
called “love”


Bhavesh YESTERDAY AT 14:32

When you think you know what you want to know about “them”,
is when you know how you wanted “them” to be.


Bhavesh 18 JAN AT 12:31

//Past Continuous//

I often consider
if I could be
a thing as morbid
as breath.

Whose every inhale is ample
to learn anew
and look at the future;
and every exhale is lost past
which dies yet leaves life in shamble.

That which keeps
something so continuous
yet divinely dies
uncountable deaths.


Bhavesh 17 JAN AT 23:11

//Unread Notification//

As they say, “it works”
so it does, it works!
My phone, my screen,
my camera, my OS;
it all works.

What doesn’t is my thin pleads,
into the thickness of ethereal realm.
The one which hears all and knows
one which everyone quotes
“Oh she had the sixth sense to call me”

Not here, not now.
I am still that ignored beep;
I am that demotivated swipe;
I am the “plich” in your usual procrastination;
I am an unread notification.


Bhavesh 16 JAN AT 13:58

//Theory of relativity//


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Bhavesh 15 JAN AT 15:52

*At a buffet*

Me - Haan Bhai, starters ho gaye, khana ho gaya. Ab?

Friend - Desserts?

Me -


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Bhavesh 15 JAN AT 14:46

When you’re at home and mom says
“Beta bazaar se dhaniya, pudina le aa”


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Bhavesh 15 JAN AT 14:33

10 years ago ...

When heady teenagers walked into an unknown fort of knowledge and busybodies. When they realized they could have done better and decided to go with it. When phones had hard keys and conference call was a feature, SMS was 20 Rs per 1000 and phone dates were as serious as real ones. When we decided we should get faster internet and moved to broadband. When we had procrastinated night outs for leisure. When asking a girl out was an achievement.
It was an year that I made a few very good friends and it was an age when we clicked photos on cameras. Our Instagram was live in lecture rooms and our memes were actual pranks on each one.

10 years ago, life was slow and we were fast enough to be at it’s pace.


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Bhavesh 15 JAN AT 14:23

10 years ago..


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