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Eternal quest
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Eternal quest
Joined 18 March 2018
Bhavana Bhagat 15 AUG AT 14:24

Freedom cannot celebrate and rest on its past laurels,
It's a deliberate, consistent endeavor to strive towards eliminating injustice across societies to sustain a free, harmonious ecosystem for humanity and nature. 


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Bhavana Bhagat 15 AUG AT 14:07

As we celebrate 73rd Independence of our country from British rule, gratitude to received freedom imparts greater obligation and responsibility. It becomes incumbent thus, that each year we update, upgrade and define our books to strive towards sustaining freedom. That said, each year, we must define what tied us down to slavery, exploitation and tyranny to constantly take every measure to emancipate each citizen of this land from the constant clutches of injustice and inhumanity.


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Bhavana Bhagat 11 AUG AT 19:58

Guroor gar Pyar ko todey,
Woh guroor kis Kam ka,
Gar Pyar guroor ko todey,
Wahi Pyar hai is Jahan ka!


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Bhavana Bhagat 7 AUG AT 21:23

Love holds no grudge nor any forts or fortresses.
It's succour lies in the eyes of the lover that reflects their soul!


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Bhavana Bhagat 5 AUG AT 0:06

When quirkiness of one jingles with eccentricities of another,
When endless boredoms turn to guffaws, full of freaking madness,
When both dance to any song or tune or cacophony, When the Mad hatter's and Alice's of Wonderlands accept each other As Is; When friends in their sheer innocence, shower bonhomie to ward off loneliness! Such are friendships that enrich our humdrum life!


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Bhavana Bhagat 4 AUG AT 0:48

Extremely powerful creators and constructors, can also hold strong forces of destruction - use your powers judiciously!


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Bhavana Bhagat 30 JUL AT 23:52

Rain drops falling on my Window pane, streaming down, cleansing the soul.
To some, it resonates sweet flutters of romantic hearts,
To some, it reflects a gloomy chart;
For some, thunderstorms echo their troubled bosom, while some shrug off their woes, prancing with cheerful hearts to drench in complete abandonment!
Raindrops Fall on One and All,
Same drop creates multiple perceptions, myriads of reflections!


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Bhavana Bhagat 30 JUL AT 10:39

Wonder who are those who in the lust for power, proclaim Strong moral Values and codes as their guiding principles;
While act to crush competition merely not to challenge Self but to trample others to hold their hard earned forts!


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Bhavana Bhagat 21 JUL AT 17:59

A scientific mom trying to explain her Millennial son; "Start using your 5 senses so you grow in your zone of awareness."
Immediate response from the Nerd: "There are more than 5 senses mom!"
Mom: puzzled, "How is that?!'
Son: starts enumerating "Sense of heat, temperature, humidity, weight, pressure, pain, equilibrium....."
Mom: Duh! 😋


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Bhavana Bhagat 21 JUL AT 17:28

Complex minds have complex thoughts, expressed in complex words, literary, arts, poetry or philosophy or constructs!
Can these minds not be simpler for larger masses to comprehend?!
No - am sure, 'coz, its' their essence, their core, their calling;
whose senses awaken and revel only while creating complex abstracts!


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