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Eternal quest
Joined 18 March 2018

Eternal quest
Joined 18 March 2018
Bhavana Bhagat 11 OCT AT 0:59

Azad sa parinda hu main
Ghumta darbadar
Ashiyan ko dhundtey,
Khud ki Azadi Kyu Kar di bikhar?!


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Bhavana Bhagat 9 OCT AT 0:59

Khuda nay pucha, Kya teri talash ko mukkam dena chahogey?
Bekhabar woh, na Janey khuda Kya hai,
Muskuratey huye woh bola,
Kya Janey uska wajood bhi hai ya nahin?!
Woh nadaan apni samajh par muskurakar chal Diya,
Aur Khuda apni hikmat par..


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Bhavana Bhagat 9 OCT AT 0:28

We dance, we dream, we run through thicks and thins;
We struggle through fire and water, overcome adversity or satire.

It is life, it doesn't matter, on how you've come through it;
What really matters is you've come off unscathed, living through it!


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Bhavana Bhagat 3 OCT AT 0:57

Truth is hidden if it is flawed!


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Bhavana Bhagat 18 SEP AT 0:09

Belief does Wonders:
Believe To Become!


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Bhavana Bhagat 17 SEP AT 10:07

Many a times, the spark that we hold within,
When recognized and harnessed by a person believing in You,
Can unleash A phenomenal New You!
Belief does wonders!


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Bhavana Bhagat 6 SEP AT 11:12

Don't Suppress, Express!
Never repress, Confess.


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Bhavana Bhagat 5 SEP AT 12:09

How many of us look in the mirror and know the person looking back at you?
How many of us like what we see?!


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Bhavana Bhagat 2 SEP AT 17:52

It's never about religion!
It's about courage to fight intolerance to long standing oppression or exploitation!
Only those who feel the brunt of it, rise above it.


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Bhavana Bhagat 1 SEP AT 17:49

I dreamt of Genie
To grant my wishes!
But soon I realized,
The Genie was Me!


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