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30 JUN AT 11:13

He held my heart in his eyes,
Close to his spirit,
Protected, loved, cherished and cared..
One day, he realised he can't hold two hearts in one bosom and he left...


21 MAY AT 1:28

Burning the self to spread your light is inevitable,
That, the flame enjoys it's dance in the wind as it glows in full radiance,
And that too is inevitable.


18 MAY AT 1:02

It ain't about
Who we are but
What we are.


4 MAY AT 0:46

As I looked back, I realised,

"Some achieved their success by snatching or putting down others,
Some spun the best of the webs in their hunger for power games,
But the pristine few, continue to give it all as it enriches their soul."
I wondered, in the game of transactions,
the winnings of a clear soul remain larger than malicious losses.

Be the light in being human!


29 JAN AT 1:29

I told you so, It's gonna be too late!
I had told you so, But you paid no heed.
I had told you so, and yet,
you travelled high and low.

As you rode through newer pastures,
Lost in the beauty of each new day, new experiences, new ways;
Rarely to pause, look back to see me waiting,
I had told you so...
Once you leave the roost and fly,
You never gonna look back!


9 JAN AT 1:56

When did "Of the People, By the People, For the People" got overhauled by "Of the Government, By the Government, For the government"


4 JAN AT 1:02

Defy all that defines you,
Lose all that holds you,
Unleash yourself from the slavery of expectations,
Breathe, feel alive and Just Be,
Be You,
And that You will redefine You.


3 JAN AT 2:41

Guroor hai, Gum nahin,
Sakht hai, Suroor nahin,
Vaqt ke Panno ka,
Koi Kasoor nahin


29 DEC 2021 AT 23:57

Reflections to Introspections of the past life lived,
and Transitioning of Projections of the new life to Be!
Shift The Gears...


27 DEC 2021 AT 23:55

Badle badle Nazar Aatein hai hum humein,
Gar pehchaan sako toh, Lauta dena meri Jaan mujhein...


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