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Joined 29 August 2016

Joined 29 August 2016
Ayushi Dauneriya 14 AUG AT 2:47

I am regular water
You ask for in a restaurant,
Cuz' mineral's too much.
Just like the millennial poets
Speaking of popular books ,
Writers and virtues,
I wasn't privileged enough
To hear about.

(Full piece in caption)


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Ayushi Dauneriya 21 JUL AT 14:56

I see you.


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Ayushi Dauneriya 18 JUL AT 11:42

"You're nothing less than mountains to me."

"I hope you put up a tent. And live."


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Ayushi Dauneriya 26 JUN AT 1:41

"Are you YourQuote?"
"Because you feel like home"


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Ayushi Dauneriya 19 JUN AT 0:44

In my defence,
I will write
about you.

(Full poem in caption)


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Ayushi Dauneriya 18 JUN AT 13:23

Dear Arvah,

I've recently met someone who asked me to write about you. This story can be told in ten different ways but each time you leave at 17 with the courage I can't fathom anymore. You'd tell me that it's not hatred but lack of attachment for anything and love for exploring that drives you to be a free breeze of mountains. It concerns me now that you didn't know how to swim, hadn't read or watched enough, were just a little girl; how did you manage.

I had a quick conversation with a friend who believes people are something at heart but they aspire to be something else and that hit me hard. I took a deep breath to gulp the fact that you are a nomad by heart, and that's all you aspire to be.


Letters to Arvah : 3

Click on #LettersToArvah to read in continuation.

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Ayushi Dauneriya 14 JUN AT 13:22

We would listen
to music
on the radio
and wonder why
rain's the only thing
that can make us


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Ayushi Dauneriya 10 JUN AT 14:18

I joined YourQuote the day it was born. It's not just an app, it's us. We will sail through this and save YourQuote, our family, our place of abode. Because it has always saved us.

Go premium, subscribe.


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Ayushi Dauneriya 9 JUN AT 13:01

दो मिनिट का प्यार


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Ayushi Dauneriya 7 JUN AT 22:24

I have a thing for mountains,
and you, sir, have for the oceans,
which explains why you're into me.
Reckon as to why you must be
filled with the hopes that
have drowned in this ocean.


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