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Joined 29 August 2016
12 JAN AT 23:47

"This was a really long journey for you"

"The journey doesn't seem to be long if one doesn't wish to reach the destination"


18 JUL 2020 AT 19:17

Dear you,

I am writing this in a hope to satisfy your perception about me. It's been some time since I unfollowed you and truth be told, I haven't felt so peaceful in the longest time. Earlier all of my attention was focused on checking if you've watched my story or not, and now I don't put stories anymore. I think that's what the fate of stories is. Stories, of any form or platform, don't really mean much if there's nobody to read them.


28 JUN 2020 AT 3:08

i wish to paint
Van Gogh on
the back of
your head
so that
your spine
is in sync with
The Starry Night
and you realize
why sadness is
so addictive
and suicide
an art


25 MAY 2020 AT 3:05

Me as soon as the guy starts to fall for me


17 APR 2020 AT 2:11

when i look into the abyss
i see my father
they say when life gives you lemons,
when life gives me lemons
i say no thank you,
years back i stood at a station
gliding under a train
that took me away forever,
i don't believe in afterlife
but i get killed everyday,
the days when he can't take a breath,
he would tell me to marry,
i ask, "what will you look for in my husband?"
he says, "what will you look for in a husband?"
i yell, "not you"


16 APR 2020 AT 14:38

Lockdown is nothing but a big patriarchal world where the authorities keep a track of where, why, when you're going and when will you be coming back without speaking to anybody. And if you don't follow the instructions, you're beaten up.


7 APR 2020 AT 18:18

Who called it diarrhoea and not losing your shit.


7 APR 2020 AT 18:17

Who called it badi maa and not maximum.


7 APR 2020 AT 18:16

Who called it mountains and not Greater Kailash.


25 MAR 2020 AT 16:14


The last time I opened up to someone about you was a year ago. We've been stuck at our homes, afraid of dying like this world means so much to us. It doesn't, not as much as it mattered to you. It's been roughly 9 years since you disappeared and it's heartbreaking how nobody speaks of you. It's like you put a spell and poof, everybody forgot about you. Every time I think of visiting mountains in search of you, I fail. Earlier I met this guy, who questions my love for mountains, I wish you were here to answer. Anxiety has made me feel claustrophobic around people. Had you been here today, you wouldn't have to be scared. You never refrained from dying, but Arvah, wherever you're, if alive, I hope you have your mountains to die for.


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