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Joined 2 December 2017
Ayen Gomez 14 AUG AT 12:57

There are things
That only he
And me can understand.

It's our love language.


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Ayen Gomez 31 MAY AT 15:27

Let's move high,
Make me fly
And let me reach the sky,
Peace the storm of my carnal desire
Burn me with your passion
Til the the flood subsides
Betwixt my thighs...


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Ayen Gomez 14 MAY AT 7:04

My body
Is a candy store
And he's a greedy boy,
Snatching, grabbing, licking
And sucking
All the saccharine parts
He can find.


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Ayen Gomez 9 MAY AT 11:43

She felt like a flower
Planted in a wrong garden,
She can't bloom
For she was receiving
The wrong care...


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Ayen Gomez 7 MAY AT 7:15

Your cosmic world
My dear poet,
The poetry of my body
Is aching to be read
By your hands and lips.


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Ayen Gomez 30 APR AT 7:31

A conversation
Of body and music.


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Ayen Gomez 21 APR AT 5:47

Do you ever stand in front
Of the mirror
And look at yourself intently?
Do you ever examine yourself
And check your mistakes?
Do you recognize what is wrong with you?
Do you ever embrace your flaws?
What makes you think that
You're better than me?
Darlin' please re-evaluate yourself
Coz all the rumors your mouth been spreading
Is pointing at you not on me,
And before you criticize me
Please make sure that you are
More than 101% perfect.


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Ayen Gomez 16 APR AT 8:37

At day, she wears crescent moon
In front of everyone
But it wears off every night when she's alone.


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Ayen Gomez 14 APR AT 19:44

Mayhap I become your captive
But you also set me free,
You unclutch me from
Bondage of
You give me the key
To make my fantasy
A reality,
A once fearsome sparrow
Is now ready to conquer your sky
Amidst burning in your fire,
I now submit...
Not for you to dominate me
But to the domination
Of my own carnal desire.


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Ayen Gomez 14 APR AT 11:49

Stroking my self
To quench my thirst
Isn't enough,
You're the one
I desire
To satiate my appetite,
And the one that can
Fill the voids
In me and on me.


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