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Joined 2 December 2017
Ayen Gomez 16 APR AT 8:37

At day, she wears crescent moon
In front of everyone
But it wears off every night when she's alone.


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Ayen Gomez 14 APR AT 19:44

Mayhap I become your captive
But you also set me free,
You unclutch me from
Bondage of
You give me the key
To make my fantasy
A reality,
A once fearsome sparrow
Is now ready to conquer your sky
Amidst burning in your fire,
I now submit...
Not for you to dominate me
But to the domination
Of my own carnal desire.


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Ayen Gomez 14 APR AT 11:49

Stroking my self
To quench my thirst
Isn't enough,
You're the one
I desire
To satiate my appetite,
And the one that can
Fill the voids
In me and on me.


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Ayen Gomez 11 APR AT 20:42

Your heart
To sing my name,
I wanna hear it from your lips
Whilst it wrestles against my lips.
I crave for your love
And the sultry summer
That it gives.
I crave for your touch
And the rain it brings
Between my shapely legs,
I crave to breath the air
You exhaled
And make perfume
Your natural scent.
I crave to feel you,
On me,
In me,
Travelling inside
My cosmic galaxy,
While our heart, body and soul
Are in one symphony.


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Ayen Gomez 10 APR AT 22:33

It feels like the
Sun is in between
Of your palm,
Burning every inch
Of me,
The Moon is in your
Finger tips,
Causing tides
On the shore between
My thighs
Whilst stars
Glimmering inside
Our eyes constellating
The word I Love You.


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Ayen Gomez 10 APR AT 22:02

By just undressing
My clothes,
And seeing
My naked body,
Uncloth my
Thoughts too
And make love
With my mind.


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Ayen Gomez 7 APR AT 20:25

And I Caress my petals
With my own fingers,
Brushing those lips
Till my juice drips,
Pushing the button
Up and down motion
Filling the empty space
My body twist
Fingers start to accelerate
And I'm enjoying the beat
To feel your love
I no longer hast to wait
In my desire I already submit.


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Ayen Gomez 6 APR AT 17:51

Hold on,he said
Being on the ground is temporary
Little by little,
Step by step,
You'll reach the top one day.


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Ayen Gomez 5 APR AT 16:06

I saw your smile in people faces,
I felt your touch in the warmth of the sun,
I heard your voice in the noise of the crowd,
I smelled your scent in the breeze of the wind,
I looked up the sky and saw your eyes among the stars...

Everywhere I went you're with me...

Deeply burried inside my heart.


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Ayen Gomez 5 APR AT 11:29

But before that, rip off my clothes
Like a gift wrapper, to free what's the gift hidden in me, sweeter than candy cane that'll make your everyday a Christmas day.


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