Ayen Gomez (©A. Gomez // 2019)

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Ayen Gomez AN HOUR AGO

We called ourselves
We are good in rhyming
But we can't rhyme
Someone heart's
With ours.


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Ayen Gomez 16 FEB AT 14:32

You're already
Proud of yourself
To be called by
Our future daughter


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Ayen Gomez 16 FEB AT 11:55

I love
Star gazing
At day,
I can see
It clearly,
How his
Eyes sparkle
Everytime he
Looks at me.


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Ayen Gomez 15 FEB AT 20:32

Do you know
What Google
Doesn't know?

It's how much I Love You.


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Ayen Gomez 15 FEB AT 7:06

Pain was just around the corner,
Wore different mask,
In different form,
It never left,
It was always there
Waited to be feel,
Waited to devour our
Emotions and senses...

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Ayen Gomez 13 FEB AT 18:38

Feel like a light feather
Brushing your lips,
Gentle and slow,
But with current
That electrifies you
And weaken your knees
Like Jell-O,
It gives you wings
That make you fly
Upto cloud nine,
Bringing you into
Complete state of Euphoria,
And the butterflies
In your stomach
Grows into
Fire breathing dragon,
Making you thirsty
To have another
Shot of that kiss again...


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Ayen Gomez 13 FEB AT 17:37

Take a break.
Break some rules.


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Ayen Gomez 12 FEB AT 17:51

That I am home,
In his warm flesh
And bone.


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Ayen Gomez 12 FEB AT 4:40

I saw the burning sun,
Not in the sky
But in his desireful eyes.


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Ayen Gomez 11 FEB AT 21:32

"Why I write" they asked,

" 'coz pen and paper understands
Me better" I replied.


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