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Joined 2 May 2017
Avinash Rao 23 JUN AT 3:22

Better to be a person
of a few impactful words,
rather than a blabber who probably makes a lot less sense.


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Avinash Rao 21 JUN AT 14:36

They don't mind losing, so you can win.
Sacrifice is all they know, for their kin.
Carrying your responsibility, till the last breath,
Watching out for you, even in the face of death

Toiling hard day and night to make a buck
Coming home with a ton of expectations for them
Trying to fulfill each one of them,
Facing anger, ire, love and affection.

This is for the fathers in the world,
Who care for all of us, since we are kids till the last moment they see us.
They lift you up when you are low, and take pride in your success.
Wishing them all a happy Father's Day.


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Avinash Rao 14 JUN AT 13:50


is the pinnacle of bravery.

Confronting your fears, your past,

your ghosts.


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Avinash Rao 5 APR AT 21:35

Ten minutes of Darkness

A minute ode to the sins we commit
By living both ways, right and illicit.
Our sense uncommon, like the candle lit
Another minute, for our awareness of it.

Wounding a mother, who keeps us fit
A planet, a home - another minute to think of it.
An effort to save her, who could really use it.
For the next five minutes, we can surely do it

For also, comforting in her arms and
in the shade of her trees,
We owe this to her, a debt we cannot solicit
A payback of grace, a token of appreciation
An expression of care - for all of it.

Another minute to add, for an oath of righteousness towards it.
Let's be one as a nation, against this wrath of nature,
One for a goal, one as a heart,
Let's be one as Indians for just 9 minutes of it.


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Avinash Rao 30 MAR AT 20:37

Our wildest dreams
The path of our ego driven by the reality we face
The glimmer of light running from the ghosts of our past
The opportunities that choose to stay afar
The love of our hearts on a path laden with traps and obstacles


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Avinash Rao 26 DEC 2019 AT 17:07

Not working for the system.

Making the system work for you,

now that is genius.


Avinash Rao 5 DEC 2019 AT 21:47

This isn't your game,

and I'm not playing.

I make my own game,

and you're my pawn.


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Avinash Rao 1 DEC 2019 AT 11:50

We are all different,

keeping our differences aside and

working for the common goal.

That's unity.


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Avinash Rao 13 NOV 2019 AT 13:07

experienced, never told.


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Avinash Rao 11 NOV 2019 AT 10:18

True faith lies,

not in following a religion,

but understanding it.


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