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Joined 2 May 2017
Avinash Rao YESTERDAY AT 11:34

Become a person who's admired

With your thoughts, you conspire

So others, you can inspire

But first, you need to perspire.


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Avinash Rao 10 AUG AT 14:08

My game is simple.

To know yours,

and get better than you at it.


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Avinash Rao 9 AUG AT 9:47

To cast on me, their eternal light.

Illuminating this world - my foe, as I brace for the fight.

I cannot falter, forever strong is my might.

I am undefeated, unstoppable and unconquerable.

I'm the dark horse, I don't need the stars tonight.


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Avinash Rao 8 AUG AT 12:48

If you start to think

what others will say of

your actions, you'll probably

never accomplish anything.


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Avinash Rao 7 AUG AT 9:28

Let's not

make our country so bad,

that getting out of here

is seen as an achievement.


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Avinash Rao 3 AUG AT 13:47

The generation gap.

It's not only the old that needs to jump.

The young can jump too, and bring them overboard.

It's a gap, that can be bridged from both ends.


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Avinash Rao 2 AUG AT 10:01

Personality comes from attitude.

Attitude is born out of character.

Character is driven by values.

Values are built from morals.

Morals arise from principles.

Without principles,

we're just a waste of flesh and bone.


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Avinash Rao 1 AUG AT 10:42


resides in the hands

of everyone.

Most of us just don't know

how & when to exercise it.


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Avinash Rao 4 JUN AT 1:10

In the day, I hear voices
Voices colored in the name of faith
Some crying for their fates
While some laughing at their tears
Giggles of happiness amidst the noise of flattery
Voices that tell stories of misery and despair
with moments
Moments of joy and passion
Voices that listen to none for they have chosen to remain mum
For they are screaming all the time, screaming in silence
The night is when the voices die
And I sing my songs of future
To the ghosts of my past.
Voices made by my thoughts echoing in my head
And my fingers tapping words on a screen.
My night has come.


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Avinash Rao 31 MAY AT 22:06

Nobody gets to decide

whether I'm ready or not

for something,

nobody except myself.

I own it.


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