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13 OCT AT 15:09

Men just desire power.
But a woman
is the embodiment of power itself.


7 JUN AT 20:57

The friendliest of people are also the most unexpected.
The loveliest of beings is also a sweet devil at times.
Not because the emotional pain is unbearable,
but also since pain could also feel sweet, in time.

The angriest of beings often seek the most of your love.
The dearest of relations could suddenly become far out of reach.
The most distant love and warmth sought after, is often right next to you.
The most superior of beings, fall prey to something that can't even be seen naked.

The most philosophical of thinkings at once becomes so strikingly clear.
The foggiest of memories become as visible as life.
The darkest of corners in your heart and mind,
get illuminated by the brightest lights of wisdom.
The kindest of hearts become as charred as coal.

Life is a comedy of errors, but ironically the errors are meant to teach us.
While playing coy with nature, they both conspire.
In the most brutal yet logical and straightforward ways, to evolve they help us.
Beyond the boundaries of society and civilization - where our souls, pure emotions guide.


7 JUN AT 8:55

We are born into this world, alone.
We live our lives on our own terms.
We forge bonds, build relationships
Seek help, ask favors. On others we depend.

But not everyone helps without their own needs,
Not everyone wears sheep-skin, it may be a wolf underneath.
Which is why, it's always best to keep everyone close,
But at a distance.

To give you the space you need, your ground to hold.
What feels like your weakness, is your greatest strength.
It makes you tough, makes you a rock.
Not a curse, but a boon in some ways -
being alone.


1 JUN AT 7:13

Death is the ultimate point of forgiveness.

All is forgiven when a poor soul departs. For there is nothing you can do holding a grudge against someone like that.

If you do, nobody is a bigger fool than you.


31 MAY AT 6:21

It looks almost the same,

from doing what you're told, to telling what to do.

But in reality, it takes a lot of effort and a lifetime of experience,

to close the gap.


28 MAY AT 1:03

Your moment of greatest weakness

brings out your greatest strength.


27 APR AT 21:58

There is no masculinism,
hence feminism doesn't make sense.

The male race is cursed,
to eternal slavery to the beauty of the feminine.

And so,
don't have a cult.


20 APR AT 19:05

Pride is a dangerous thing.

It brings out the worst of behaviors
in the closest of relationships.


19 APR AT 12:16

Not from the silent ones,
the most hurtful words come from
who would say anything
just for the sake of saying something.


18 APR AT 8:45

that would suddenly decide
to demolish the ground floor
just when you think
you're at the topmost floor
of your life.


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