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Joined 18 January 2018
averteddd 6 HOURS AGO

i'll wear necklace
i'll smile with brace
to her heart, i mend
i'm into my girlfriend
my shirt, her smell
bald me, long hairs
disturbed schedule,
mom grew old
table turned
i brushed with dawn
all with her interfere
she came as zephyr


averteddd 19 HOURS AGO

i hate me
i love me
not so often
there's someday
i can't feel me,
i look beyond,
inside me
or by your eyes
still in doubt
why can't i feel,
me often.
am i invisible
or am i dead!


averteddd 23 HOURS AGO

my veil got torn
of ignorance i worn
my guilt spotted
hundreds mouths
sighted, awaited
i tried to stitch
with fake speech
i worn hearts
claps showered
i got nothing
a heart i had
now never can
be seen.


averteddd 3 AUG AT 19:47

in broad daylight
i got attacked
even in senses
i couldn't retaliate
my body thrashed
my throat choked
got pierced in wounds
my blood flowed
i couldn't breathe
i couldn't speak
somehow screamed
"help pleassee!"


averteddd 2 AUG AT 17:01

Dear bhaiya,

You didn't show me that click till now!


averteddd 2 AUG AT 15:12

Dear Bhaang,

Let's celebrate unfriendship day today,
maybe that can happen till you reach the end of it.


averteddd 2 AUG AT 14:20

Dear Dhichik Dhichik,

नमस्ते 🙏🏻
आपने ना उर्दू सिखाई ना हिंदी, आपसे मिलना व्यर्थ हो गया!


averteddd 31 JUL AT 17:19

i listened the tunes
of your anklets,
the rainy drops can't
be sweeter than it.


averteddd 30 JUL AT 15:50

was falling while standing
soul was drooling
without a drink
when i fell
short of the ink
memories churned
the forgotten daydreams.


averteddd 25 JUL AT 16:20

I'm so introverted,
every movie loses
money because of me.


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