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A YouTuber and a poet
Joined 11 November 2017

A YouTuber and a poet
Joined 11 November 2017
Ashu Bharti Rohila YESTERDAY AT 14:02


that blinking light you see at the end of the tunnel,
the first pink-pale hues of a rising sun,
It gives you something to hold on to,
While you had nothing else to believe in,

As little as it may appear,
It comes as a strong reminder
that you have fought before and you still CAN,

Hope is like history handing out a Polaroid collection crafted only for you,
Of only great things that happened before,
It leaves you in a sweet spot,
To draw a curve looking at only the positives,
Of the great things that are yet to ocurr,
Of all the things god made beautiful,
Hope is the most unconventional one.


Yeah pretty much 🥰 it

#hopeislike #collab #yqbaba #simile #yourabr

Ashu Bharti Rohila 19 AUG AT 21:54

Everytime I am infront of you,
I would end up smiling.


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Ashu Bharti Rohila 18 AUG AT 10:10

Hahaha yeah, that below is my 9 word story of waiting...

"Operating on one depleting oxygen cylinder yet acting happy!"


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Ashu Bharti Rohila 15 AUG AT 9:16

Dedicated to My Dear India,

इतिहास का हर पन्ना मेरे कण कण में समाया हुआ हैं,

मेरी तो परवरिश में ही तुझसे मोहब्बत करना सिखाया गया हैं।

~Wishing you a glorious Independence Day~


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Ashu Bharti Rohila 10 AUG AT 22:16

Living more,
Worrying less,
Curious, courageous,
Frugally luxurious!!


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Ashu Bharti Rohila 6 AUG AT 22:18

He won't love you,
Because you want him to,
He will love you,
Because he wants to.


Only if he wants to...

#yqbaba #love #yourabr

Ashu Bharti Rohila 6 AUG AT 22:12

Putting my dreams to sleep,
Before I can,
For the sake of a better night.
Has it happened with you ???


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Ashu Bharti Rohila 6 AUG AT 19:28

Let me fit into my old clothes 😜😜😜



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Ashu Bharti Rohila 4 AUG AT 10:50

Peanut butter lgaane se banta hain healthy toast,
Or jo naak mein dam kar k rakkhe wahi hotey hain sacche dost.


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Ashu Bharti Rohila 4 AUG AT 10:42

Don't ever hate me for the same stupid reasons you became my friend for.

I am bound by a universal oath to annoy the hell out of you,

I am also bound by the same oath to make most sense when your senses are found nowhere close to you..😋😂


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