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Something to learn some to teach
I am here to expand my reach.
Joined 4 August 2019

Something to learn some to teach
I am here to expand my reach.
Joined 4 August 2019
5 APR 2021 AT 9:26

The wise lush tree grows colossal,
As the fiftieth flower blossoms.
All vibrant, simple, velvet petals
Surrounded by thousands of new buds,
Welcome, celebrate, prosper and settle:
A brand new year - fresh and awesome.


21 MAR 2021 AT 15:33

To write is to explore, admire and think
Of all possibilities as a harmony of ideas.
The interplay of interactions,
that takes place between blinks
Stitch and spin into a fluid fabric
of stories and philosophies


17 SEP 2020 AT 10:03

Hope is infamous
for letting itself wane.
But it's your job,
To find it again.


11 SEP 2020 AT 11:58

Dynamic, fluid
A river flows in silence.
It thinks ere turning.


6 SEP 2020 AT 13:46

From which happiness flushes in a while


6 SEP 2020 AT 13:42

Everything that already exists.
Beauty lies within everything;
To find and appreciate it,
Is to be happy and content.


3 APR 2020 AT 22:00

"As lonely as a cloud",
Few new mysteries were unraveled.
I discovered myself: clear and loud.


3 APR 2020 AT 21:50

Eyes lie, as long as the brain desires to 'see', instead of 'observing' past the deceptive reality.


3 APR 2020 AT 21:44

Blind Fortune

Luck is highly disabled in leading,
It is moody while making or breaking lives.
It can brighten a hopeless, depressed soul,
Or into happiness, stab a thousand knives.

Fortune is blind and walks in circles,
Starting from misery to fame and back:
It shows poverty to the dead,
Surprises the least-expectant with a hack.

Unpredictable, it listens to none.


3 APR 2020 AT 20:50


To enhance all our skills do we come and join hands.
Ere exploring that talent, discover the caliber hidden inside.
At those hurdles - those problems - our team, understands,
Motivates to take long leaps across; and they stay here forever beside.
When frontiers and challenges, that one encounters,
Overshadow his caliber; others do rush in, to rescue and save.
Really help and support just to give a counter.
Knack for progress to knock on full freedom; expand beyond scope, fulfilling all our crave.


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