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Joined 13 January 2019
Aryan Jha 7 HOURS AGO

Kon kehta hai ladko ka jiwan aashan hota hai.
Saaz besura ho phir bhi ye ga lete hai,
Chipke chipke ye aanshu baha lete hai,
Maat samajhna inn ladko ko fharebi
Ye ek muskan pe puri jiwan bita dete hai,
Log kehte hai ladke rote nahi
Kiyu, wo kya insaan hote nahi ?


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Aryan Jha 14 HOURS AGO

Your love blinded me from seeing what those late replies, unseen messages and ignorance tried to show.


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Aryan Jha YESTERDAY AT 20:47

Every birthday he brought her roses,
This year too, he did not fail .

Dressed in roses,
Draped in country's flag,
He came home as promised.


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Aryan Jha 23 MAY AT 12:40

Jaise kismat ne chaha waise dhal gaye hum,
Bohot sambhal ke chale phir bhi fishal gaye hum,
Kisine dil tora to kisine ne bharosa,
Phir na jane kiyu log kehte hai badal gaye hum.


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Aryan Jha 23 MAY AT 10:24

Aanshu na hote to aankhe itni khubsurat na hoti,
Dukh na hota to khusi ki koi kimat na hoti,
Mil jata agar chahne se sab kuch,
To upar wale ki koi jarurat na hoti.


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Aryan Jha 22 MAY AT 15:51

I actually don't know what is hurting me more,
Your Hatred for me
My love for you


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Aryan Jha 20 MAY AT 17:37

In the search of what you lost,
Don't lose what you have.


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Aryan Jha 20 MAY AT 11:59

Waqt guzar raha tha par saansein kuch thami si thi,
Muskura rahe the hum par aankhon me kuch nami si thi,
Sath humare tha zawana par na jaane kiyu teri kami si thi.


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Aryan Jha 19 MAY AT 21:37

It's not the tears that we hide,
It's the story behind those tears.


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Aryan Jha 19 MAY AT 17:07

She looked into his wet eyes and realised his love for her that he couldn't confess, before shooting himself down.


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