Arshi Dokadia   ((Arshi Dokadia) عَرْشِي)
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Joined 8 December 2016
Arshi Dokadia 20 HOURS AGO

Not everyone is going to like the picture you paint, the words you pen but don't lose your self in the desperation for affirmation.


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Arshi Dokadia 12 JAN AT 21:04

Paint me new shades in a brighter hue, I'm tired of feeling so blue.


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Arshi Dokadia 7 JAN AT 21:45

Listening to "everything" elders say and believing in a brighter day.


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Arshi Dokadia 7 JAN AT 11:47

The birds chirp a sweet song
The sunlight is filtered by the greens
The warmth acts a balm to cold air
And there's no wait for long
The mind is wise, the soul is serene
You won't really find me,
For unfortunately, I live in a dream.


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Arshi Dokadia 6 JAN AT 21:38

I'm scared to speak,
I'm afraid to act,
For when all else fails,
The sword attacks the pen.

The blood that bleeds,
Will be the ink,
For all the times they told me,
How pen is mightier,
Taught me how to think.

And while you can take the voice,
And instill the fear of sword,
In the hearts of wise minds,
Remember the old lessons,
Remember the end of their vice.

Yes, I'll be terrified to see
How they twist my words now,
Or force me to prove
what's been always mine
But like every desperate person,
I'll cling to my faith
And do what I can do best.



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Arshi Dokadia 6 JAN AT 21:23

Sometimes we are so focussed on finding something broken to fix that we forget that we are "unbroken" - and then force medicine for the malady we manifested.


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Arshi Dokadia 3 JAN AT 21:34

I thought I was pruning the flowers to enhance its beauty, but it's the wilderness that's breathtaking.


Arshi Dokadia 3 JAN AT 17:36

They make anger more acceptable than tears and ask why are you angry. Don't you just love life's irony?


Arshi Dokadia 3 JAN AT 17:28

the lights that are off.


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Arshi Dokadia 3 JAN AT 17:25

take care of myself,
give 'me' little time,
pamper the person
I see in the mirror,
dress up, work out,
and wear that bright lipstick -
let go of the judgements
because all I do is
not for them, but for me


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