Arshi Dokadia   ((Arshi Dokadia) عَرْشِي)
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Joined 8 December 2016
Arshi Dokadia 17 AUG AT 21:51

I'm not patient enough to wait for the circle of life. Not steady enough to live in the presence. I wish to see justice served at the hands of the Almighty while I beg for His mercy.
Sometimes I do wonder at my own frailty, where I beg for my forgiveness and someone else's misery.


A life of contradiction.

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Arshi Dokadia 17 AUG AT 21:45

No time for wide eyed innocence for the narrow eyed callous ways.


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Arshi Dokadia 25 JUN AT 13:03

If you words and mannerisms can change opinions, it's a credit to you. But don't make revolution of ideas your purpose of existence; relying on the frailty of human mind only courts disappointments.


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Arshi Dokadia 20 JUN AT 9:21

I hadn't written in a long while. Feared my pen had forgotten to express the follies and fears of people, the hope and highs of the resilient or even the pessimism and pains of my own angsty heart.

But it was the gratitude that made the words flow, for when I started to count my blessings my vocabulary proved to be lacking.

I guess, I am still in touch with my love for words. Maybe the distance has made the ink more prominent.


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Arshi Dokadia 22 FEB AT 14:38

The colours of autumn show the beauty of moving on, you can't experience all the shades of life stuck in eternal spring.


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Arshi Dokadia 6 FEB AT 6:24

the ink in my pen,
the pain of my words,
the lesson of my life,
the amusement of my present.


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Arshi Dokadia 31 JAN AT 17:12

A cup of tea
Warm blanket
And the company
Of a well-worn book.


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Arshi Dokadia 27 JAN AT 16:33

If you look at it objectively, you'll never be happy. Never good enough, never perfect enough, simply, never enough. There'll always be an inch or two that you could have achieved, a little more you could've done. Always, a can do better remark in the report card of life.
But then if you really look at it, there are good things in the sea of bad, like the warmth of weak sunshine on a wintry day. Or perhaps, the cool shade of a tree on scorching heat.
It could be a sea of timely blessings, if you decide to look at it this way.


There's good, there's bad - what are you looking at?
#yqbaba #sunshine

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Arshi Dokadia 20 JAN AT 19:44

The thing with gossip is that it taints you.
Your vision turns jaundiced,
looking for faults and follies
so you can regale stories
to an apt audience.
But then, it breaks you,
because you start to think
everyone is talking about you.
Of course, if they can talk to you about them,
they will talk to them about you.
An unfortunate cycle that may never end.


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Arshi Dokadia 20 JAN AT 13:38

One day, the social embarrassments and awkward silences will be worth the affection and camaraderie. Until then, leave me to my books and hot cup of strong tea.


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