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Anonymous Scribbler 7 JUL AT 1:04

Pushing it in and pulling out...

That pumping was happening normally until 14th minute...

Then she uttered the F word along with her moans...

After he cummed it all inside her, she confusingly asked what actually turned him into a monster at the last 2 mins!!!

Yes... She never have used "that" word with him ever before...


Anonymous Scribbler 26 JAN AT 1:38

He himself will behave like a kid at times,
to the one with whom he will open up...

She told him that
she wants to be his daughter too at times...

That moment he shattered and
the "new he" was born by moulding himself...


Anonymous Scribbler 16 JAN AT 3:10

You stole my sleep,
When you're near me...

You're stealing my sleep,
even when you're far from me!


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Anonymous Scribbler 14 JAN AT 4:08

Always be shameless
In front of me babe!

I'll undress all your worries and fears
and dress you up
with a variety of pleasure and ecstasies


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Anonymous Scribbler 14 JAN AT 3:38

The day when I hold you in my hands,

I will show you

the intensified emotions accumulated in me

bcoz of all these days of
not holding my ***** in my hands...


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Anonymous Scribbler 10 JAN AT 1:12

Your heart will say
how important she is to you
while you try to speak with her
with its amplified lub tub beats


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Anonymous Scribbler 29 DEC 2018 AT 3:17

Don't judge is this fictional or something real
that happened to any person or anything else... Just flow with the flow...
He fasted for a certain period to make a prayer

He prayed what kind of life partner he wishes for

He also prayed that his partner's horoscope
should reach his parents within 5 days

That night he had a dream of someone
revealing her face

And from that moment, he still continues
to fast out of joy and he even isn't
watching the photos of the matched
horoscopes, that his mom shows him!

He just said how his partner should be to his parents
and now waits for the list to shrink and filter down to one
and so that he will see her picture alone!

Madness or idiotic! Whatever it is!
His heart pounds heavily after that dream
and also stole away his sleep...

His heart knows that she is somewhere near
and she is also craving for him
and also that "Its time"...


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Anonymous Scribbler 24 NOV 2018 AT 1:04

You'll fuck your fate soon

He told being inclusive

Of the consequences...


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Anonymous Scribbler 9 NOV 2018 AT 0:01

The bulge on your twist lollipop is likely to break your oath,

she said and smirked making him to blush...

Then measure it with your mouth,

he gave his order and gazed, which made her cheeks to flush...


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Anonymous Scribbler 8 NOV 2018 AT 23:31

She is given the name "Veshya"

For faking her love making with a "Vesha"


Those men who foreplays and kisses the Veshya

substantiate that those men drain their love in the form of lust, humiliating and prostituting their own soul which is far more worser than "prostituting the body but not the heart" by the Veshya


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