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Anonymous Scribbler 8 MAR AT 21:54

To celebrate it as a day,
celebrate it daily...


Anonymous Scribbler 26 FEB AT 21:32

Each and every religion in this world aims at liberation of either the soul or the mind or the death cycle or the karma by eliminating the lifestyle of being a lowlife through understanding love and peace in various planes either by attaining the intellectual maturity or by surrenderable devotion or by righteous acts like philanthropical, altruistic, righteous deeds accordance with their faith for the sake of understanding the purpose why we are now human beings or being a human (by the creation of God or natural Evolution or name it whatever) BUT the savages who call themselves as belonging to any religion like the saffron stripes turning into mobs are those who not only lost their religion but also the very humanity first of all...
.Merciless SAVAGES with saffron stripes CAN'T BE HINDUS.


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Anonymous Scribbler 31 JAN AT 2:09

Logging in yq after 12 months be like waking up after 24 years of coma!

Many new faces with much more maturity in their ink...

Many Known faces either have passed away by uninstalling the app or now being in coma...

Few known ppl have changed their location by changing their id names!!!

Yq is with bookstore, Hasting bookings, irritating ads & profile visitors' history!!!

Feeling better that I masked myself being aware that I'm just a visitor here for a limited time, detaching myself from attaching to ppl!


Anonymous Scribbler 31 JAN AT 1:30

Extinguish the fire
you lighted through your eyes
from the wet rose of yours ...


Collabs are welcome...

#lovemaking #erotica #yqbaba #yourquote

Anonymous Scribbler 31 OCT 2019 AT 22:45

When an angry girl keeps a hot coffee cup near your cheeks and threatens to hurt you by touching your cheeks and you feel that you deserve it too if its from her, then that's LOVE...

Also happens with knife on your heart...
Nothing varies with the feel that
if she really intends to do it,
then let it happen! The feel is like
If she does it, then you deserve it
and let the life end with
nothing more than her as
she is all that you want...


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Anonymous Scribbler 7 JUL 2019 AT 1:04

Pushing it in and pulling out...

That pumping was happening normally until 14th minute...

Then she uttered the F word along with her moans...

After he cummed it all inside her, she confusingly asked what actually turned him into a monster at the last 2 mins!!!

Yes... She never have used "that" word with him ever before...


Anonymous Scribbler 26 JAN 2019 AT 1:38

He himself will behave like a kid at times,
to the one with whom he will open up...

She told him that
she wants to be his daughter too at times...

That moment he shattered and
the "new he" was born by moulding himself...


Anonymous Scribbler 16 JAN 2019 AT 3:10

You stole my sleep,
When you're near me...

You're stealing my sleep,
even when you're far from me!


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Anonymous Scribbler 14 JAN 2019 AT 4:08

Always be shameless
In front of me babe!

I'll undress all your worries and fears
and dress you up
with a variety of pleasure and ecstasies


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Anonymous Scribbler 14 JAN 2019 AT 3:38

The day when I hold you in my hands,

I will show you

the intensified emotions accumulated in me

bcoz of all these days of
not holding my ***** in my hands...


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