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❤️ Checkout 'You & I : A bittersweet love poem series' on insta @hridmajhhare
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❤️ Checkout 'You & I : A bittersweet love poem series' on insta @hridmajhhare
Joined 28 August 2016
Anasuya Bardhan 25 JUN AT 15:37

Sitting in the corner
arms crossed, tight
holding sorrows
closer to chest
The sun casts its light
marking rings of anxiety
all over the body
Towers of thoughts
wind up in silver wrappers
of soul's cravings

There are lives,
beyond our thoughts
across our sights
bound in barbed wires.
Be that as it may
in oblivion we stay
detesting our lives,
stirring our own well of despair.


Anasuya Bardhan 23 JUN AT 19:06

Sunlit rooms
crumbled sheets
the world breathes an irony,
there's silence on streets
panic in minds

Here light and shadow
presents a different play
as each day leaves us
with a story to say


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Anasuya Bardhan 16 JUN AT 0:19

Too many faces, too many voices
buzzing in the air, like mosquitoes
near your ear, hard to catch

Too many faces, all miles away
yet shoulder to shoulder, we appear,
letting tears smear alongwith sweat that flows

Too many faces, too many voices
so we held on to our own music
singing through silences

But did any lend a ear?

Turned into coffins
are now our 4 chamber hearts
as we lay like graveyards

//Welcoming flowers
instead of dreams
to get crushed//


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Anasuya Bardhan 6 JUN AT 12:54

My days of coining life with words
disappeared like spring swayed by summer
Old papers and dried ink awaits of autumn now.

I stand infront of my window
watching the sky in gridlines.
Measuring area by counting squares
was perhaps a bad idea.
The sky changes colors
from crimson to blue to orange and black
and i await by my window
to find the road that leads to horizon.
My belief loses trail of path
that speaks about a world beyond it
like circles lose trace of their starting point.

I realise boundaries like chasm,
mightier than spaces exists seperating words:
belief hope, need desire, love passion
I hope there exists passion much intense
than love could ever be
a dream bigger than belief could ever grasp
and a life that's beyond counting
days like squares in gridlines

Old papers and dried ink awaits my time
Do you hope autumn to blossom flowers, someday?


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Anasuya Bardhan 12 MAY AT 19:23

The last few hours
slip by like waves lose
hold of sand, it picked from the shore

I pause and look back to see
a path, painted by memories
with rows of houses lined on both sides
the bends of road, bricks of each wall
are like an old melody playing on carvaan,
telling stories wrapped in time.

Today the sun returns
to the same position
as it was, the time i was born
so like your home, you re visit
I breathe a few seconds in reminiscence
visiting old houses, listening to the playlist
while infront of me, stands a new house,
walls awaiting to be splashed with memories
and a new poem awaiting to be sung


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Anasuya Bardhan 7 APR AT 17:24

Love and life in management

(Read in the caption)


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Anasuya Bardhan 6 APR AT 15:41

writer's brains
have blots of ink that splash
as thoughts spin and spill on pages
as blue sapphires, heart-crafted


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Anasuya Bardhan 28 MAR AT 20:11

My love has left me at a blind end
with no signboards and signals around
all I see is walls, crawling towards me
I scream, I cry, there's too much pain on inside

I see passersby,
climbing the walls, jumping over
some lent a hand, some lent a ladder
but my feet doesn't move,
my eyes don't shed a tear

So they don't believe, they deny
that my love has indeed left me feeling
like I am caught inside a tornado

Thus alone, I stand
heart broke, screaming in pain
that remains unheard,
muffled by the waves in lives of others


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Anasuya Bardhan 17 MAR AT 20:39

Your hands like carcass
signal me to stop
the wavering thoughts i have about us,
of you and i running barefoot on the sand
chasing the sea while you drown me
with your laughter and promises
which were louder than the waves
that crash the shoreline.

Isn't it strange though, how with time
like the soil decays the dead
your promises and love turned to be a lie?

Yet as mourners
leave by flowers in graveyard
my foolish heart awaits the spring,
you once brought, with your breath
on my shoulders


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Anasuya Bardhan 1 MAR AT 23:23

With your lips
drunk on whiskey
and breath that
smells of smoke
Let's kiss
and remind the lunatic us
of how our hearts race
as our fingers run
and our lips taste like honey
everytime they lay on one another


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