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Anasuya Bardhan 28 MAR AT 20:11

My love has left me at a blind end
with no signboards and signals around
all I see is walls, crawling towards me
I scream, I cry, there's too much pain on inside

I see passersby,
climbing the walls, jumping over
some lent a hand, some lent a ladder
but my feet doesn't move,
my eyes don't shed a tear

So they don't believe, they deny
that my love has indeed left me feeling
like I am caught inside a tornado

Thus alone, I stand
heart broke, screaming in pain
that remains unheard,
muffled by the waves in lives of others


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Anasuya Bardhan 17 MAR AT 20:39

Your hands like carcass
signal me to stop
the wavering thoughts i have about us,
of you and i running barefoot on the sand
chasing the sea while you drown me
with your laughter and promises
which were louder than the waves
that crash the shoreline.

Isn't it strange though, how with time
like the soil decays the dead
your promises and love turned to be a lie?

Yet as mourners
leave by flowers in graveyard
my foolish heart awaits the spring,
you once brought, with your breath
on my shoulders


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Anasuya Bardhan 1 MAR AT 23:23

With your lips
drunk on whiskey
and breath that
smells of smoke
Let's kiss
and remind the lunatic us
of how our hearts race
as our fingers run
and our lips taste like honey
everytime they lay on one another


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Anasuya Bardhan 23 FEB AT 20:53

Like every object is made up of atoms, there are infinite small worlds within us that build us. Worlds that hold hope, childhood memories, values, dreams, the embarrassments, the failures... These worlds structure us to be who we are yet remain concealed within our skin.

But like an electron microscope helps you see atoms, otherwise invisible to the naked eyes, for everyone of you there's a person who will see through and understand
the world within you.


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Anasuya Bardhan 5 FEB AT 17:10

There's a part of me
I fail to live upto
That wanders wild on the streets
Marking the milestones,
Stretching arms, trying to conquer
the tall poles of aspirations, I built

There's a part of me
I fail to live upto
that serves words as dessert in silver plate
and balances between good/evil,

It's this part of me
I find myself living in
the one that urges for something ideal
chases the sand dunes
and leaves hints scattered in words.


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Anasuya Bardhan 1 FEB AT 20:42

To the love that's lost
in the corridors of life
searching for a home.

I wish, I knew exactly how to walk
with my feet on two paths,
no matter how far from each other they ran

I wish everytime I chained myself
with thoughts, hit the troughs
and bruised myself bad
you came by carrying
the warmth of a summer day
and wrapped me in

Love! I wish we didn't have different time zones
so that everytime our paths crossed
you knew exactly the kind of person I have become
and I knew the kind of love I wanted

Love! I wish you and I didn't walk on parallel paths
with this constant gap in between us
I wish you and I collided several times
like points on a line, co-linear

Love! I wish
you were, you are,
here, in the now, in the present,


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Anasuya Bardhan 27 JAN AT 20:16

Wouldn't mind an empty hall
with my fingers ragged
against strings of guitar,
playing songs of your name,
drowning in your love

In a world where people devour
taste of love with their lips,
my love! your name is
like the moon that shields
from sorrows of days gone by.


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Anasuya Bardhan 30 DEC 2019 AT 0:06

If love had another name
What would that be
Would it be night sky
With stars sprinkled and voids in between
Or the morning sky
With warmth of the sun
And clouds hovering above your head

Would it be food
That makes you crave badly
To try the same cuisine again
Or would it be like travel
That makes you tickle
To look around new places

Perhaps, love is like the dish
You had ordered with leftovers on plate
Or like flowers you tied into a bouquet
And forgot to put in a water filled vase
Or like a place you visited, clicked pictures
And cribbed about a few restaurants
Or streets you didn't like much

Or save for what i say
I guess love is everything you wish it to be
But it's not
Yet you are all groomed up, ready
To be deaf, dumb and fooled by it.


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Anasuya Bardhan 24 DEC 2019 AT 16:47

With the ascend of winter
and the year coming to a close
I pause to count on the happenings
I got myself fit into.

I realise somethings are short-lived
like days we live, tan on my skin and us,
each lasting as long as the pain of a pinch

Then there's something
called constants in life
like memories,
my repeated failure
to learn say goodbye
and you.


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Anasuya Bardhan 20 DEC 2019 AT 13:30

What's your idea of love
Is it like the seasons
with transitions so prominent

Or like each passing day
which feels the same
yet as you look back, you realise
everything has changed

Or is your idea of love
like a year that begins with
promises and hope
and no matter how many
of them gets fulfilled,
we live/celebrate, try to fit in/smile
and keep our hope lit
even after we say goodbye


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