Amrita Dunguri

What I think I feel
And what I feel I write..
Amrita Dunguri 3 SEP AT 1:06

One cannot change
whatever that had already happened
But yes, can make it better
that is going to happen...


Don't regret for things that had already been done...
#yqbaba #yqtales #yqdidi

Amrita Dunguri 3 SEP AT 0:45

Some moments in life
are not to be remembered
As with time those moments, their meanings and importance
everything changes


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Amrita Dunguri 3 SEP AT 0:31

Some dreams are so beautiful that
we wish to close our eyes
even after being awake
and start from where we left off.

But it doesn't continue that way....


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Amrita Dunguri 25 JUL AT 22:53

Before some years
We didn't even know each other
And look !
How circumstances made us strangers again..


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Amrita Dunguri 24 JUN AT 19:21

The biggest fear that kills her.....

....the fear of losing
someone very close..
especially those
who promised never to leave....


Amrita Dunguri 18 JUN AT 6:15

The last meet.....
...as if nothing had happened ever..

Both behaved as if nothing left between them anymore
But inside, both have something for each other
Its the crushed heart..


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Amrita Dunguri 30 APR AT 23:43

If they know you,
They can understand what your soul wants to speak..
They don't need words to communicate
Your silence is enough


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Amrita Dunguri 28 APR AT 21:17

What we think and want to see
We try to see the same in them
If you see their bad side and assume, this is what the person is
No matter how good they do for you
You can never see their goodness
Because it's ur choice which will force you to think so......


Amrita Dunguri 11 APR AT 13:34

Walking forward the way
we don't even imagine how with time
everything changes
While looking back we become nostalgic
And some tears too come out
missing those awful moments
And thinking, that we had with them
will never come back
At the same time a smile too appears thinking about our stupidities and how we went on making memories......