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Joined 22 February 2017
Amol Kesarwani 23 FEB AT 3:27

Letters Of Love..

I open my eyes,
I think about you.
Cry with sighs,
I always need you.

I miss your whys,
You always knew.
And keep my tries,
My love was due.

I text to apologise,
For you went through.
And wait for replies,
Knowing I'm residue.


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Amol Kesarwani 1 FEB AT 15:10

I cried all night in despair,
There was no one to care.
You left me for no reason,
I feel nothing to share.

I know I'm foolish and dumb,
Inside and out I feel numb.
Leaving you in every moment,
Now feels like nothing to become.

I loved you with all my heart,
Thinking, you'll not rip me apart.
Loving you was never a decision,
Sorry, I'm not enough smart.

You brought the best out of me,
Which I belonged to see.
But you don't care anymore,
So want to make an apology.


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Amol Kesarwani 31 JAN AT 8:22

We have done the
wrong things at
times. Now we have
exited from that
phase. Let's forget
and feel like each


Amol Kesarwani 28 JAN AT 8:28

Someone asked, "What is life?"

Me: You're standing on your balcony with your partner, there's no one around, you both are staring at the empty road and suddenly he pulls you closer and kiss your forehead while saying how beautiful you are.


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Amol Kesarwani 26 JAN AT 3:17

You must have a
thought, that my
boyfriend knows
all the weird
medicines names.


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Amol Kesarwani 25 JAN AT 4:57

Someone truly said,
Suffering is beautiful.
If you didn't taste
it, you missed
something in life.


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Amol Kesarwani 20 JAN AT 3:01

Bring me to the hell,
As I don't desire to stay.
Leave me withered as well,
Sweep me from your life away.


Thanks to everyone 🙂


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Amol Kesarwani 19 JAN AT 8:11

I've woken up all along,
Listening to the old songs.
Thinking of you went wrong,
I want you where you belong.

I'll come and take your hand,
We'll build a castle of sand.
Talk about our silly fights and
Promise you I'll not demand.

Loving you was never partial,
Your presence is a sparkle.
Gift you myself a parcel,
It doesn't mean to startle.

Apologies for not being there,
Time when you needed care.
Want you to be always near,
Still mad at the smell of your hair.


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Amol Kesarwani 14 JAN AT 6:10

I don't know which
kind a behaviour I've
but trust me, I feel
like me and I'm
proud of it carrying
equally love and hate
in the heart.


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Amol Kesarwani 3 OCT 2019 AT 4:08

Seeing your parents,
getting old in front
of you.

Imagine how lucky
are you.


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