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Kya Pata?
Kal Ho Naa Ho!
Joined 5 January 2018

Kya Pata?
Kal Ho Naa Ho!
Joined 5 January 2018
Altaf Ali 26 JAN AT 2:22

It feels so good when your last seen 
Matches with my last goodnight message


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Altaf Ali 11 JAN AT 2:19

Taro se roshni lekar
Lahro se pani lekar
Pariyo se kahani lekar
Tere hushn ko likha hai

Teri aankho ka intezaar hu main
Teri mohabbat ka haqdaar hu main
Teri nazron ka shikar hu main
Ye meri Kismat mein likha hai  

Sanso se mohlat maang kar
Sari hado ko lang kar
Dhadkano se raftaar maang kar
Tujhe apne liye likha hai

Meri sadiyon ki ibaadat hai tu
Meri ruh ki rahat hai tu
Meri zindagi ki chahat hai tu
Tera naam apne hathon pr likha hai

Altaf Ali



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Altaf Ali 7 JAN AT 16:46

Are we just friend or something more 
We are together like sea and shore
My heaven lies inside you
My world is beside you
Like moon and earth I revolve around you
You are a puzzle and I solve you
You are the ethereal ray of hope
Hold me in this dark world with kind rope
You came to me and take off all the dust
Without you I'm a piece of iron with rust 
Now I'm a ballon fill with the happiness going to burst
It's my true love not just the lust
Can't u see it 
I'm not faking it
Come to me 
Come to bed
Just you and me
I know your lips are rose red


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Altaf Ali 3 OCT 2018 AT 22:22

Do not ask me about her
Let me keep her in my heart
In my eyes
In my soul


Altaf Ali 12 AUG 2018 AT 4:08

I gave you something
You can never give back
That is
My Love


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Altaf Ali 27 JUL 2018 AT 23:29

Today I realized that
Traveling without headphone is such a curse


Altaf Ali 26 JUL 2018 AT 2:44

I want to eat you
As breakfast
As lunch
As dinner


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Altaf Ali 26 JUL 2018 AT 2:04

इश्क़ सिर्फ लिख ही सकते है
दोबारा करने की हिम्मत अब बाकि नही रही


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Altaf Ali 22 JUL 2018 AT 4:27

Altaf Ali 19 JUL 2018 AT 2:04

Kl mene use fir dekha
Ek mahine baad
Vo muje dek kr has to deti h
Pr muje dek kr rokti nhi pta ni kyu
Kya vo mujse baat ni krna chahti
Agar baat nhi krna chahti
To mujhe dekh kar hasti kyu h
Kya me use sirf aankho se hi chhu paunga
Hatho se nahi


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