The Dogcatcher 

(Story in the caption.)

The Better Disappointment.

"Run! Run!", with his teeth clenched, he repeated in his head. The long stick with a metallic hoop at one end large enough to become the garland of death of another manfriend, was like a magnified bubble hoop. He tried to put the hoop around the neck of the wailing dog hiding under the white Maruti, but it's incessantly moving snout was making the task difficult.
"Run! Look, there is a little space beside the car, you'll fall in the drain but you'll be away from me and my likes. Save yourself." But the dog couldn't read his mind. Trying to catch the little dog's head, he thought about Tikua. "Back in Basti, I had a friend Tikua. I saved him from the nearby lake with algal boom. Amma hated him, but he loved me. I loved him. We lived together, by first sharing the food, then by walking together, then crying together, jumping together... Tikua had speed that no other dog in the village had. He was swift and brave. You are not like him. He was white, like you are. But you are not like him."

The little dog gave up after putting a 20 minute fight. He pulled the string of the hoop tight. The dog let out a deafening cry.

"Tikua is disappointed in me, even though I've praised him 23 times before. Tikua must be disappointed with you. You get the better disappointment." And he shut the little dog in the van.


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25 FEB 2017 AT 14:05