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Joined 3 May 2017
Aishwarya 9 AUG AT 19:04

No matter how far I go.
In the end, I'll be back to you,
I'm homesick for you.


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Aishwarya 9 AUG AT 12:58

I wrote poetry in the air
clouds took them along
and showered in his city.
He feels drop by drop,
word by word, feelings
that are yet to feel, love.


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Aishwarya 8 AUG AT 14:27

Love turned out as something to be
bought by people with deep pockets.


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Aishwarya 8 AUG AT 11:15

So you want me
not to cry
while sad,
what if I ask you
not to laugh or smile
while you're happy?


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Aishwarya 6 AUG AT 12:47

Slowly walk ahead your path,
Cutting off the bad times,
preserving the good ones,
from your past memories.


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Aishwarya 26 JUL AT 18:46

When I am alone
I don't feel loneliness
surrounding me,
I feel strength
Inside of me.


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Aishwarya 25 JUL AT 19:14

I have no time for
those, who recalls me
only when they have
enough of time
and nothing to do at all.


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Aishwarya 14 JUL AT 20:50

Don't love me
If it's for few months,
The hard I love
The harder I'll loathe.

Don't love me
If you are not serious.
I warn you that
I'm well experienced.

Don't love me
If you think it'll hurt
when you leave me.
I am scared no more.

Don't love me
as an option.
I'm one and only,
and only for one.


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Aishwarya 30 JUN AT 17:56

Convince yourself
that nothing's hard;

that peace is always
inside you,
Either you are
with or without people.

tell yourself that
healing is as easy as


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Aishwarya 26 JUN AT 16:11

You change
yourself for them,
And they replace
you with some other.
This goes on and on,
Until everyone
actually grows.


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