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I am growing wings :)
Joined 3 May 2017

I am growing wings :)
Joined 3 May 2017
Aishwarya Ezhava 2 JUN AT 17:14

If you are still in love
with the person who
don't loves you back.
You're betraying yourself.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 25 MAY AT 20:17

When things go wrong,
I know it's hard to get along.
But when nothing goes right
It's not a big thing, it's alright.

Things are sure to happen,
Relations may also get weaken.
You have to live at any cost,
Don't recall all those things you lost.

Yes this is life, My Good Child
You are the light, your own guide.
Cry a little but rise up high,
The earth is yours so does the sky.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 12 MAY AT 22:05

Isn't it feels worst
when the one who
praised you yesterday
is now pointing out
your flaws; an excuse
to go away, to move on.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 2 APR AT 12:51

I love me more
yesterday, today
and forevermore
at places faraway.

I will explore delight
and sing and dance
all day, all night
No will to miss a chance.

I'll be here one day
and vanish on the next,
I'll be wandering away
Untill infinite steps.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 21 MAR AT 21:26

I like to move on
from everywhere
at once, without any clue,
without any warning,
like I have never been there.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 17 MAR AT 21:07

Some friends texted I miss you
but never made an effort to meet.
Some friends exists in name only.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 8 MAR AT 21:32

I keep the distance as it is.
neither trying to be too close,
nor being too afar.
just to ensure the propinquity
between us for the rest of our lives.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 2 MAR AT 20:49

I and peace
were playing
hide and seek.
I am still searching.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 27 FEB AT 21:06

bequeath me to me
I need to love me
a little more
than before.


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Aishwarya Ezhava 26 FEB AT 17:51

You were just online
I became mad in love.


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