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19 JUN AT 8:54

"Ne dis jamais je t'aime je t'aime
Ne dis jamais je t'aime
Kehna na yaar pyar hai
Ne dis jamais je t'aime"

Don't fall in love with people like me,
don't fall in love with me,
one year in my ear,
don't drop your love for me.

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15 JUN AT 20:14

'I don't mind. Suit yourself, but not for long.'

'Does that also mean if I go, I shouldn't be gone for long?'

'You were right.'


'You had said, "Everything changes. You. I. Us. You want to prolong, and I am long away in time. Away from you."'


12 JUN AT 20:19

//Dharti ka bojh dharti se gayab//


10 JUN AT 21:51

Sometimes, I wish to never be able to wish again,
while other times, I live my wish.


9 JUN AT 19:07

setting a consecutive alarm,
which rings every 5 minutes,
until you decide to get up
and get ahead.


8 JUN AT 22:57

One block over another,
I rephrase myself as a phoenix,
rising from the stream
I let myself flow,
I let myself flow into.

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7 JUN AT 21:46

Next time, when you decide to love me,
love on my behalf too.


7 JUN AT 21:13

My anxiety is a roommate,
who lives around me,
at one time or another,
holding hands beneath blankets.

Its smile lingers on my face,
my eyes bright and twinkling,
but no one knows about
the tears which reflect light,
lining the rim of my eye
like kohl smudged on my heart.

It is a silhouette of my shadow,
looking like me, and unlike me,
so much like my twin
whom I knew nothing about
until it came and became
a roommate, next side on my bed.

People shake hands with it,
greet it and meet it,
but no one sees it like I do,
for no one has seen it like I have.

Maybe, it is a ghost,
and I, its last wish.


7 JUN AT 15:37

I want to build
a nest for myself,
in a test tube,
where life happens,
one cry at a time,
one try at a time.

I want to fly
without a tomorrow,
to catch butterflies,
who'd shower stardust
upon my villa,
and leave vanilla
as the petrichor,
I wait for.


7 JUN AT 7:47

घुलते हुए से शक्कर हो तुम,
सुबह की‌ अंगड़ाई में,

हर कदम का आग़ाज़ हो तुम,
मेरे ‌साथ‌‌ मेरी परछाईं में,

कुछ ‌याद रह गए किस्से हो तुम,
यादों से ‌जु‍‌‍दाई में।‌


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