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Researcher of the microuniverse. Poet of the macrouniverse
Joined 27 October 2016

The Indian Flag

(A short recollection)



"I remember you used to love autumn when we first met," she reminisced.
"Yes, but that was in the past. I don't any more," I told.
"Why don't you love autumns anymore?" she questioned.
"After meeting you, I saw the beauty of the world in colours. I fall in love with the spring that you are," I replied.



My world
Is etched on
her arms.

That's where
I rested my
head full of


24 JAN AT 20:36

"I am sorry, I couldn't give myself to you completely," she lamented.
"You have. You have given yourself entirely to me," I assured.
"But how? I am leaving you forever," she said.
"Every poem you ever wrote for me, contains a piece of you. Putting together those poems, I have you forever with me," I said.


24 JAN AT 11:41

They can silence
her body,
and bury it
under the rubble
of our society.

But how will they
silence her words,
which have taken
roots into the heart
of the rebellion?


23 JAN AT 20:56

"I have still preserved the rose you gave me on our first date in my diary," I said.
"What will you do if we don't end up together?" she asked.
"Eventually, the rose will fade away and I will have to let it go. But I will live by the fragrance trapped in those pages," I replied.


23 JAN AT 14:06

I tried to be more
for her than
I ever could be.

Turns out,
what she needed
was only me
as much as I was.

Nothing more.
Nothing less.


22 JAN AT 19:58

"You still listen to our favourite songs?"she asked.
"Yes, I do. They remind me of us," I replied.
"Haven't you forgotten me yet?" She asked.
"I have forgotten you already. But it is us that I am not able to get over," I said.


22 JAN AT 11:13

They hoped
she was a scent
of homely flowers
that can be grown
in the confines of
their four walls.

She turned out
to be the fragrance
of wild flowers that
can truly be
experienced when
you are lost
in the wilderness
of the world.


21 JAN AT 20:36

There are many
strings of the
world which
try to pull her
down into anonymity.

Will the bright flowers
that she grows in her soul,
escape the eyes of the world?


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