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Joined 28 August 2016
27 MAY AT 23:56

If only the world paid
More attention to the fallen
Autumn wouldn't be
So unseasonal.


28 APR AT 21:56

Memories of you and I
Shall stay etched in my brain
I shall remember you in times of autumn
And in the lonely rain.


18 JUN 2021 AT 16:28

All I wish for is peace,
You keep me knit together,
Piece, by piece.


14 JUN 2021 AT 20:52

Would you be the waves
To my sea
Will you be the chaos
Or just a prodigy

You could be be the sun
To my winter nights
You could be my calm
To my noisy flights

You could be the footsteps
To my stumbled walks
You could be the beach
To my emotional rocks

You could be the ocean
And I could be the boat
Let's call it chaos
Or let's call it love?


8 APR 2021 AT 19:52

Song: Home

"... If I ever stumble upon you again,
Running away too
Just give me a hug
And be my Home, will you? "

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21 MAR 2021 AT 13:01

Standing on the porch,
I see the empty chairs at home,
Glass walls,
Woody sunshades,
And empty coffee cups...

How long would it take,
For life to fill
This empty house
And make it home.


11 MAR 2021 AT 23:24

Mrs. Maisdel

This is a reminder
That the world is kind
The sorrows ain't real
And the people are just blind
Metaphorically speaking
No one knows you're in pain
They just feed off your fun
And that's all they gain.

So the people
They use you, misuse you
They tell you you're perfect
But is it any worth it?

They say
The hustle ain't real
Your dreams are surreal
You need to enslave
Before it's too late
You're already in the grave

If only hope could stay
And I could tell
That I can swim
And I'll live swell

And the dreams come true
And my heart runs well
It only needs you
Oh Mrs. Maisdel.


31 DEC 2020 AT 23:32

2020 is finally ending. Oof! Alot of emotions surround the whole year... We've seen too much in this one year than all of our lives. Who was even imagining we'd all stay home for months, lose jobs, struggle with handling the business, struggle to put food on our plates but Guys, we still made it to the end. The dalgona, the dance trends, the whatsApp games, social media and all the binge watching and family bonding time helped!

We also saw alot of people suicide due to the mental health issues the lockdown added. We are slowly opening up towards mental health and educating ourselves on it. We've started taking it slowly and yes, it is a long way... But at least we started? Let's just keep talking to people and make sure they're fine! Everyone goes through things they don't talk about and I think we as people can help them just with our mere presence in their lives and affirmation towards them.

We made it to the end of the year, but the fight isn't over yet and we haven't defeated the pandemic yet. With the new strain etc, I just hope we don't see more difficult days ahead.

Wishing you all the best of 2021. Wishing you all the happiest new year. :) ❤


16 DEC 2020 AT 8:30

सपनों में ही उड़ान भर लेता हूँ
हकीकत में जिम्मेदारियाँ जो निभानी हैं।


31 OCT 2020 AT 10:00




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