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31 OCT AT 10:00




5 OCT AT 1:51

I'm scared to let you go,
I fear that when you're gone
The heart that you always held close
Will steer away from moving on!


16 SEP AT 11:46

आंसूओं को मुट्ठी में बांध कर तो देखो,
दर्द को अपनी हथेली से फिसलते देख लोगे।


8 SEP AT 13:27

Sometimes, letting someone go is a task you wish you didn't have to do.


16 AUG AT 20:11

Diary Day 4

"...I think sometimes we all just forget what really love is, the narrative and the whole idea of it... It's something too pure and something beyond expectations! Diary, if I've learnt anything from this and from her is that love can be unconditional and with no strings attached - no expectations... It's just the magic they create in your life and your mind with their existence... "

(Read the caption for full letter)


10 AUG AT 13:08

I hope you know you're loved,
For I forget you're gone
And I still hold on
To the memories and your smile
That keeps me, from moving on.


30 APR AT 19:05


ये वक्त भी‌ फरेब हैं
इंसानियत निगल गया,
ये देखते ही देखते
यूं हाथ से निकल गया।

ये वक्त भी अजीब हैं
ये लाखों को निगल गया,
क्या कफ़्न भी ‌नसीब हैं?
ये ‌कैसी‌ मौत दे गया।

ये वक्त भी रुका नहीं
किसी लिए झुका नहीं,
ये पाप क्या ‌वो कर गए
खुदा ‌को भी पता नहीं।


1 MAR AT 20:04

Just like the moon
Rises fearless of the sun
Shining in hope for the stars,
I heal, I hope and I wander for now
And no cure to my scars.


20 FEB AT 9:00

I dream...
I find no difference in me
And the poor children seeking alms
Hoping to pay their school fee off
What binds us
Is that we both DREAM of things
We can't get.


10 FEB AT 20:49


"...Suicide is serious and no person who gave up should be made fun of. I just want people to think twice and think about all the people and holding patterns you can have and I think it's never too late or early to seek help. Life is beautiful and so is the sense of successfully landing. "

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