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Joined 9 September 2019
6 OCT 2022 AT 21:42

attaching the last piece to a puzzle to get its complete picture.


5 OCT 2022 AT 22:33

self consciousness.

The stuff done on time
the upcoming deadlines
one knows all.

The people left behind
upcoming new relations
one handles all.

The terrible missteps
the forgotten mistakes
one accepts all.


16 JUN 2022 AT 20:09

The maze of chains
That monsters are creating this time,
May they end up strangling themselves.

The daggers which they are ready with,
While the warrior stands in front of mirror,
May they end up distorting their images.

The stream of blood that the angels poured,
Witnessing tragic scenarios,
May they melt them into nothingness.


14 JUN 2022 AT 22:45

This night too, I had many thoughts,
The one about mystic melting candles,
Loosing themselves to emit few rays of light,
Looking at them, I blinked many times
Magnificently, they held their shine
To live among the sacrifices, it's my privilege
Unknown to the fact how many candles I have burnt till now,
How can I not know the worth of a life!


14 JUN 2022 AT 22:27

'What's the difference between truth and lie?'

'Lies occur in loops, they keep one tangled within themselves while truths untangle clarity from the mess of illusions.'


8 MAY 2022 AT 20:30

Struck in the abyss,
Tale of two lives,
Trails of painful glimpses,
Half in the dark,
Half in the hope,
For the hands
That could take her out,
For the chances
That could give a new start.


7 MAY 2022 AT 22:19

About to solve dilemma of two choices,
One of them gets chosen by someone else.


7 MAY 2022 AT 22:11

His love is a pigeon,
Who always brings
Messages from prison of my past,
I am a wandering lover,
Who wants to be a reason of his present.


6 MAY 2022 AT 20:19

All these reckless insight on life,
Was all the negativity,
That started flowing through my veins,
I felt some other aspect
Right the time, I put my footstep
Into that abyss of darkness,
Hidden in the showy chandelier.


4 MAY 2022 AT 22:11

All these showcases we take pride in today,
They might be changing their place one day.

All these feelings that we have kept hidden today
They might be fleeting from our embrace one day.

All these grudges and conflicts we hold today
They would become the isolating fence one day.

All these light and the dark we examine today,
They won't make any sense one day.


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