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Writing is to soul, what music is to a song. Hence here.


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Everyone leaves one day. 
But beware of the time you'd want to leave yourself. 
It's difficult, getting back in.

The Mind. #YQBaba Image - Google


How I wish to escape this cacophony of life,
the smiling faces, overjoyed humans
underplaying their fakeness,
as if every smile is gnawing at my plight;

The plight of being lost, scraping every morsel
of sanity from the cauldron of gratitude;

Gratitude for sunlight, music and love; 
for friendship, life and health. 

Alas, the cauldron is empty;
empty and leaking, brimming with chaos.
Unknown is its birth, unforgiving, its demeanour;

Frantic are my searches in neck deep slush,
numbing my being in a trade-off for peace;
Peace it is, like the breaths of a corpse,
silent and serene, pale like a Lily, bright like a Moon. 

I'll rise one day, not from ashes, nor will a Phoenix fly,
but like the pink of a skin, I'll crawl beneath;
beneath the brown of insanity, chapping away 
its chaos, dried in the heat of Time, 
I shall rise one day. 

For today, let me sleep.

If depression was a pen, poetry be the ink. #YQBaba Image - Google

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