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Joined 25 February 2018
Manish Anand 11 HOURS AGO

When I'm on outing with my friends,
I allow them to choose "means of transportation",
"hotel to stay in" and "restaurant to dine in".

Because their opinion matters you know! 😌

And also because, if anything goes wrong, I can blame them. 😂


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Manish Anand 20 HOURS AGO

Everytime I run out of
to carry oxygen,
I come to you
To borrow blood... 😛


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Manish Anand YESTERDAY AT 1:24

Darkness is engulfing her in its shore.
She is disappointed today,
today she has lost all her hopes.
She will let the darkness
erase her completely,
today she will silently suffer whole.

(Continue reading in the caption)


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Manish Anand 20 MAY AT 18:01

We owe our history
to the warriors.
We owe our present
to the scientists.
We will owe our future
to the storytellers.


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Manish Anand 19 MAY AT 22:14

डाकघर के लाल बक्से जैसा हूँ;
जिसे कोई लिखता नहीं...


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Manish Anand 19 MAY AT 0:02

She: Chalo monkey dance kro 🐒
Me: Dance to thik h... but chalna kha h? 😁
She: Lame😑
Me: Tum naa😛
She: Accha 😾
Me: Puch rha maito, question mark bhul gya😜
She: Lag ni ra 😼
Me: You know na m bhulakar😌
She: Toh bhul jao mujhe 😸
Me: Bhulna bhul gya... shit😅
She: Haaww... Mai dikhau bhulke 😏
(........... 15 minutes later ..........)
Me: kya bhulogi? Ummm... tum to gayab ho gai 😶
She: Mai gayab k tum, ek ghante me reply dete ho 😬
Me: mai socha tum busy ho😐
She: Sochne k liye brain lagta h... jhoot mat bolo "tumne socha" 😌
Me: 😅 mai bach ni sakta na tumse😅
She: Maine kya kha tumko😦
Me: Kuch bhi to ni... tum to sarif ho 😊
She: vo toh hai 😽


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Manish Anand 17 MAY AT 18:27

इससे पहले की भूल जाउँ "खफ़ा है तू मुझसे"
आकर अपनी नाराज़गी का "सबब" बता जा।

इससे पहले की तेरे खयालों में "घुल जाउँ",
आकर अपने ना होने का एहसास दिला जा।

इससे पहले की मैं खुद में ही "खुद" खो जाउँ,
आकर दुनियादारी की दो-चार बातें सीखा जा।


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Manish Anand 15 MAY AT 23:44

My heart was heavy,
ready to fall.
Veins were squeezing,
ready to burst.
The weight was unbearable,
something had to be done.

I crawled over a bridge
with much effort
and dragged my body along
pushed it over the edge
and I too jumped off.

I felt light as a feather
for a moment and some,
then I heard the water hit
my body harder than rock.
But on me gravity failed
to do its work.

I got stuck in mid air
unable to run or float.
I wondered, "How to stop it?"
and then I suddenly woke up
for what it was worth.


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Manish Anand 14 MAY AT 13:45

"Lifetime" sounds a great deal
but when you actually live it,
at the end you'll realize
it wasn't enough for you.


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Manish Anand 12 MAY AT 15:50

स्वयं "शिव" को लिखने की गुस्ताख़ी कर भी दूँ मगर,
"तुझे" शब्दों में बांध सकूँ इतनी मेरी बिसात नहीं माँ।


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