A R Ghadi (A R Ghadi)

A R Ghadi 20 JAN AT 15:08

She : Why dint u came early in my life?
I wish you were my first love...

Me : That is because i meant to be your


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A R Ghadi 16 JAN AT 22:32

My Love,
The day you entered my life everything just changed. Its been a very little time but the love u gave me was precious. I can't think of anyone else other than you. Your presence gives me all the happiness in life. I want to live more but only with you. You are my one and only. I don't ever want to lose you. I will take care of you and will love you till the end of my life.


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A R Ghadi 11 JAN AT 21:02

The reason you dont get the person you love is because someone is yet to come and love you like hell...


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A R Ghadi 26 NOV 2018 AT 22:52

In horror :-
Jo darega woh marega.


In love :-
Jo karega woh marega.


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A R Ghadi 20 NOV 2018 AT 22:22

So finally i got to know why we cant be together even though i love you more than life.
(God's message)
You Don't Deserve Me.


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A R Ghadi 20 NOV 2018 AT 12:42

Friend :
Get over it. Move on. I was also in a relationship with a guy for one year but because of family i got married to another man. He is very understanding and caring. Everything will be fine. You will get someone who will love you.

Me :
Just tell me one thing very honestly, ARE YOU HAPPY ?
(Tears fell down from her eyes without a word and i got my answer)


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A R Ghadi 15 NOV 2018 AT 22:28

How long they choose to love you,
Will never be your decision.
But how long you choose to love them,
Will always be your decision.


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A R Ghadi 31 OCT 2018 AT 14:52

1. Losing my love.
2. Losing myself in love.
3. Losing hope in love.


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A R Ghadi 30 OCT 2018 AT 22:45

There will be a phase in your life
where you have to die daily in order
to keep your loved one happy.


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A R Ghadi 29 OCT 2018 AT 10:26

If someone left you, let them go.
Don't hope that they will come back and love you again, just let then go.
They left you because they dont love you.
That's it!



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