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YourQuote Postman 2 HOURS AGO

Dear Nightmares,

I've read that you prepare who you come to for the worst case scenario,
I don't know what you're preparing me for but it sure as hell be worth it.
We'll always be around danger, you depriving me of sleep only makes me more vulnerable.
I wish you could go away but I'm so used to you, I only get more scared when you're not around.


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YourQuote Postman 1 JUN AT 19:19

Dear Straight People,


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YourQuote Postman 26 MAY AT 19:11

To the friend who sent me a nail cutter and biryani on Eid,

Thank you. I cut my nails properly this time, they're not uneven like my moods anymore.
I know your mom is sick but I am grateful she found time to cook for a lazy bum like me.
Her biryani always gives me the comfort of a home. I finally sleep after not being able to without pills.
I love being alone but I love sitting in silence with you. While your mom in other room, murmers praises to a God, who owes her, one rosary bead at a time.
I miss that. I really do.


Happy Belated Eid. :)


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YourQuote Postman 18 MAY AT 7:04

Sometimes I feel like there are only two things I'm good at
being sick
and preparing for the worst


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YourQuote Postman 10 MAY AT 18:21

Dear Mom,
I'm your safe space.


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YourQuote Postman 8 MAY AT 14:44

To all the inanimate objects in my house,


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YourQuote Postman 29 APR AT 17:50

Dear May,


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YourQuote Postman 29 APR AT 16:14

I have a few questions on my mind,
how many years does it take to become a good person?
how hot as a woman and manly as a man
must you be
to be accepted when you get angry?
how do people hate without a reason but love with many?


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YourQuote Postman 24 APR AT 8:23

To the sun and moon,


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YourQuote Postman 23 APR AT 13:10

To the people who have forgotten me,

I have forgotten who I was when I was with you too. But I remember you.


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